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Jay Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer for Mozilla, speaks at the 2013 Mozilla Summit about how Mozillians must work together to build a strong and reliable Firefox platform, keeping users as the main priority.

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  1. People are going to have computing attached to them in many ways
  2. And the other thing we're that going to see is, all of the devices around us
  3. are going to be connected to the web in some way.
  4. What's going to happen?
  5. That's going to enable some amazing experiences.
  6. It's also going to raise some threats. So on the opportunity side
  7. the thing we really need to think about as Mozillians is
  8. as the internet of everything really happens, where
  9. do we plug in to the stack?
  10. I think the first thing is, that we need to conitnue to delight users
  11. with the products we build but
  12. we cannot take Firefox for granted. Firefox on the desk top
  13. and on android now, we passed about 45 million downloads,
  14. those are really strong points of influence for us.
  15. Having firefox be really signifigant in the world, that gives us our pull
  16. in the standards bodies, because it's relevant to people.
  17. It gives us a place to put features that
  18. protect users online. It's what enabled us to spearhead things like Do Not Track.
  19. So having Firefox be strong is very important.
  20. And at the platform level we have to continue
  21. to drive toward making the web platform as good as any native platform out there.
  22. That way developers can build the apps of their dreams
  23. And that users can have amazing experiences.
  24. Secondly, we talked a lot about data.
  25. And how the level of discourse that which we work
  26. in terms of what the web should represent, and open standards.
  27. It's going beyond having HTML and Javascript and CSS
  28. be open developed in a standards based way.
  29. We need to make that more human, we need the idea of an identity
  30. ,that I control, be open. We need to be able to have different data sets
  31. from different organizations, that are intermixed, be under control of that individual.
  32. And people should be able to share about themselves in porportion to the value that
  33. they think they're going to recieve.
  34. So we think that we need to move strongly,
  35. and add to our portfolio, so to speak,
  36. from the idea of client based open standards, to things that are about
  37. people and their data.
  38. We're getting towards a model that's largely a duoply in mobile,
  39. where the way to get your software into people's hands is through
  40. an app store that has gatekeepers.
  41. We live this right? We can't put Firefox on iOS right?
  42. In it's true form right? So this isn't, like, we're not making this up.
  43. This is the real world that we're living in. So I think it's up to Mozilla to fight that.
  44. And what we're fighting for is an open, horizontally layered
  45. stack. Where the hardware you buy, does not dictate
  46. the OS you must have, does not dictate the services, the identify, the payments
  47. all that up to stack, the content that you get.
  48. So users deserve an open platform.
  49. And developers deserve an open platform.
  50. So, I think it's up to Mozilla to build those things.