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  1. A couple of summers ago,
  2. I was doing this painting called "Heaven."
  3. It was a freely-painted,
  4. gestural, non-objective painting.
  5. I'm thinking it's my post-modern version
    of abstract expressionism.
  6. And I'm reading the biography of de Kooning,
  7. about how poor de Kooning sat in a chair
    for years,
  8. trying to make a painting come out right.
  9. And I'm painting on my fake abstract expressionist,
  10. doing exactly the same thing:
  11. Looking at it.
  12. Going, poking around at it a little bit.
  13. Sitting down.
  14. And I'm reading the book and I'm thinking,
  15. "Get a life, de Kooning!"
  16. And then I'm thinking,
  17. "Oh my gosh, this is hard to do!"
  18. And I stopped at that point.
  19. [LAUGHS]
  20. When I started painting,
  21. my painting was coming out of sculpture,
  22. and I was using acrylic paint almost as a
    sculptural material.
  23. I would paint straight up and down
  24. and then straight sideways,
  25. covering up the brushstrokes.
  26. Not sanding them out,
  27. but just trying to make it
    not expressionistic at all.
  28. Then at a certain point
  29. I put on my masking tape and
    paint all over the place,
  30. so that you'd have this hard-edge thing
    and this gestural thing
  31. going on at the same time.
  32. That was a major breakthrough.
  33. You get both.
  34. You'd get it both ways.
  35. You get Albers and de Kooning
    in the same painting.