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  1. If I forgave,
  2. and I did Mengele, Hitler;
  3. let's say that I would have
    forgiven them
  4. in 19...50.
  5. 19...55, ten years
    after liberation.
  6. Would Mengele, Hitler, Himmler,
    any of them,
  7. know, or care?
  8. No.
  9. Who else would have it
    really affected?
  10. - You.
  11. Me.
  12. So, let's get to that idea,
  13. to understand: Why
    is the forgiveness?
  14. And what would it have done
    to me?
  15. Could I change anything
    of what happened?
  16. The tragedy, could I change it?
  17. Could anybody change it?
  18. If I climbed to Mount Everest,
  19. and screamed on the top
    of my voice,
  20. could anybody
    do anything?
  21. So, basically,
  22. once a tragic thing happens,
  23. or anything, good or bad,
  24. you cannot change it.
  25. Does any victim deserve
    to live without pain
  26. that other people, or life,
    imposed on them?
  27. Yes.
  28. Every person should be able
    to live without hurting.
  29. I didn't deserve anything
    to be treated that way.
  30. So my question is:
  31. If I deserve to live
    without the pain,
  32. how on earth
    am I going to get there?
  33. The only thing that I came up with,
  34. it was accidental that I
    discovered forgiveness.
  35. That, by forgiving,
    I am not forgetting,
  36. because I keep
    talking about it;
  37. but I am no longer hurting.
  38. I can talk about it without pain,
  39. and, also, it makes me feel like
    I have risen above the pain,
  40. because I can discuss it,
    but not be destroyed by it.
  41. So it's a very interesting idea,
  42. that to conquer the pain,
    without really ever --
  43. I never hurt anybody.
  44. So, why on earth can't I do it?
  45. My solution does not --
  46. I don't punish anybody,
  47. I don't send anybody to jail,
  48. I don't kill anybody,
  49. I don't denounce anybody.
  50. I am just forgiving, to heal myself.
  51. And I cannot see
  52. how on earth that can be wrong.