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  1. (Traffic noise)
    (Birds chirping)
  2. (Piano music)
  3. I'm more than just Ikereku.
  4. Why can't I be more
    than just a car guard?
  5. A pimp,
  6. a drug lord,
  7. a job thief,
  8. the face of cheap labour.
  9. I am more than just a foreigner.
  10. Why do you insist on killing
    my soul with your words?
  11. Go back to your country!
  12. Go back to your country!

  13. You don't belong here!
  14. Why am I not good enough for you?
  15. Go back to your country,
    you don't belong here!
  16. Why do you give me the eyes,
  17. with skin as black as mine
  18. and you name me
  19. as your brother?
  20. What about me? Look at me!
  21. Think of all the dreams
    that we have in common.
  22. I am Zambian, I am your colleague.
  23. I am Congolese,
  24. I am Malawian and I am human.
  25. I am South African,
    your sister of the soil.
  26. I am Zimbawean and I am your neighbour.
  27. I am your friend.
  28. (Female singing in African language)