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    I photograph different LGBTI individuals,
  2. risking my life,
  3. challenging the myth that say
    being gay, being trans, is un-African.
  4. When I started "Faces and Phases"
  5. I just wanted to produce a project
    that will live beyond us.
  6. As people reach different stages
    in their lives,
  7. they get to be documented
  8. and they share for the LGBTI community.
  9. It's a lifetime project.
  10. The book is supposed to come out in volumes.
  11. The next publication will be out next year,
  12. which then marks another period in our lives.
  13. I am a member of the community.
  14. We hardly find images that speaks of
    love and joys of LGBTI individuals.
  15. So then it becomes the issue of ownership.
  16. I told myself that I would do better
    than any other outsider to project our lives.