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Virginia Voter Samantha Donnelly: I'm Interested to Hear What the Candidates Will Do for Public Sector Jobs

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  1. [What is the most important issue to you this election season?]
  2. Well one of the big things that I'm looking to hear about is
  3. Um, what, you know, the candidate that would be elected into office will do for um,
  4. public sector jobs such as, you know, educators and um firefighters,
  5. and those kinds of things. I know that's something that's come up in the elections quite a bit
  6. Um and also we are recent college graduates so we're interested in hearing what the candidates will do for our economy.
  7. [Do you think the political system is broken? If so, how would you fix it?
  8. I'm not sure I would really answer that question.
  9. I think that there's always, you know, things that can be improved.
  10. I think that our country has a lot of smart folks in it that will do what they need to,
  11. to make sure those improvements are made
  12. um and I'm looking forward to just basically moving forward with our country and seeing
  13. all the improvements all the great things that happen um all the great things that our citizens do.