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  1. Miro 4 is the biggest release we've ever done by far.
  2. We're really moving from being just a video app,
  3. into a full media library management app.
  4. Our music support is at the heart of this release,
  5. and we have built in metadata support, and
  6. in English, that means now you can have your albums
  7. and artists show up and that sort of thing.
  8. Miro 4 adds sharing over your local network, so
  9. if you have two computers in your house, you can
  10. stream from one room to the other,
  11. watch videos, share your music.
  12. Miro is an open platform that won't lock you in to one ecosystem.
  13. Miro now comes with the Amazon Music Store built in,
  14. and any purchases you make will instantly show up in your library.
  15. You can additional stores that you might like as well.
  16. Syncing to Android devices is a major new feature in Miro 4.
  17. We want to have this same, smooth experience that you see
  18. in the Apple world, in the Android world.
  19. Miro matters because it's about building
  20. an open ecosystem.
  21. It's built to be extremely high quality, and give you
  22. the kind of experience you would get from a very closed system,
  23. in an open way.
  24. We want to have a consumer app that's open source.
  25. One that you can use on a day to day basis
  26. to make your life easier.