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    netscape is a course known for it's netscape navigator product
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    first commercial rows on the web so first of all first generation really use to get on the web
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    and successful for a while and then competition became quite stiff from microsoft the different way to compete would be by building a shared asset
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    such as netscape versus microsoft that netscape would gather contributions over volunteer and other commercial produ-- commercial partners and build a product that will be shared
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    and that good for people knew that to be open source you had to be real
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    he couldn't just say "oh we're open source love us"
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    you really had to manage it different way engine
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    so at the time there was six or seven or eight of us who are employed by netscape
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    who is now sold out our staff and another 100 or 150 employed by netscape as
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    netscape engineers build a netscape product and contributing their work
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    to the mozilla open source project so we are all in the same building
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    they all went to many in the same meetings but we had a slightly different calls
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    because although we call it the netscape product
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    netscape had been purchased by AOL already
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    and so the client itself was diminishing and importance and the important
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    netscape client to push traffic to the AOL