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New York Voter Sharon Mortin: "There's a Lot of Politicians That Think We're Stupid"

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  1. [What is the most important issue to you this election season?]
  2. I would probably say Health Care is the biggest.
  3. (Interviewer - off Camera) And why?
  4. I know several people without it. In my own family, for one.
  5. Er, the cost of paying the bills out of your pocket has been enormous.
  6. Er, there is probably millions more, just as in the same as in my family.
  7. They just don't have the care and can't get things done that they need done.
  8. [Do you think the political system is broken? If so, how would you fix it?]
  9. It's pretty much broken because it's, it's definitely a strict ideology.
  10. You have to have compromise, both in democrats and republicans.
  11. You know, I never voted for Clinton, but I tell he seemed to be able to sway both sides.
  12. Give a little; take a little. I don't know if we will ever see that again in my live time.
  13. Er, you have to have business, you have to have corporate America, but you also
  14. need labor. And you need, definitely, a middle class.
  15. [Are you hopeful about the future?]
  16. Yes, I am very hopeful for the future, because I think there are a lot of politician
  17. that think we are stupid and, just as we put them into the office, we can take them out
  18. of the office by the vote.
  19. I think you should pay attention to the issues and not just go in and pull a lever
  20. because you are a democrat or because you are a republican.
  21. Put a little thought into it, and demand to know what the politicians are, are actually for.
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