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Virginia Voter Nakita Mattocks: "Real Estate Is One of the Most Important Things in Our Country"

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  1. What's the most important issue to you this election season?
  2. It's not one thing, but if I had to single it down for me it would be the mortgage interest deduction
  3. and the charitable contributions that's on the table right now because I believe people
  4. should be able to give to whom they want to give and continue to give the middle class tax
  5. right off the mortgage entry deduction because we all know that real estate
  6. is one of the most important things in our country.
  7. Are you hopeful about the future?
  8. Yes, I am very hopeful for the future. I have children.
  9. I have grandchildren. I have family and I have friends.
  10. They have been totally affected by everything that's happening in America,
  11. so we need someone who is for the people.
  12. Do you think the political system is broken? If so, how would you fix it?
  13. Yes, the political system is broken. President Obama is the person to move the system forward.
  14. He is the people's president.
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