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Mitchell Baker, Chief Lizard Wrangler & Executive Chair of Mozilla, talks about who Mozilla is, what we stand for and how the Internet becomes knowable, interoperable and ours when we all work together for the future of the Web.

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  1. We are global community with a common purpose
  2. That is to build the internet that the world needs
  3. How lucky is that?
  4. How lucky are we to have Mozilla?
  5. How lucky are we to be Mozilla?
  6. How lucky are we to have an idea of what the future can be?
  7. to see it, little vaguely, but to see it
  8. And how lucky are we to be able to build it?
  9. To have the opportunity to actually build something
  10. To have people respond to it,
  11. To have impact
  12. And how lucky are we to teach that others are interested in what we are doing and want to learn?
  13. And then others are interested enough to teach us in return
  14. How lucky are we?
  15. We do these things by building product,
  16. by empowering communities
  17. By teaching and learning
  18. And by shaping environments
  19. And of course, you know we do our best when these things are woven together into a single strand
  20. No one else has both the vision that we do and opportunity to make it real
  21. That is a unique ability today
  22. And so, we need to touch more people
  23. And we need more people to touch us
  24. As Mozillians
  25. And when we do that, we can make the internet
  26. Knowable,
  27. Interoperable,
  28. Ours
  29. And when we do that, we can be champions of a web where people
  30. Know more,
  31. Do more,
  32. Do better
  33. This is us
  34. This is Mozilla