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Writing about me is not easy because there are a number of ways to define who I am. Anyhow, I will try here in a simple way.

I am a Korean man born in Korea who married a Korean woman born in Korea. Luckily, our love matured after marriage. So, now we are living with our two boys, one extroverted and the other introverted. They are precious. I cannot say more than this because their energy and liveliness are far beyond my language.

I am an ordained minister at the Korean Methodist Church. Currently, I began leading English worship for an English-speaking congregation at a KUMC. In addition, I am at the final stage of a PhD program: writing a dissertation at Drew univesity of New Jersey, and which seems like an unending job.

I have a few hobbies I am determined to do until the end of my life: swimming for meditation, jogging for stamina, soccer for comradeship, hiking for emptying mind, and judo for sharpening mind. Reading is between a work and a hobby; you know what I mean by that?

Thank you for knowing about me!
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