Automating Lumion with Dynamo

Automating Lumion with Dynamo

After a full year of development, am proud to announce that I have successfully programmed multiple automation scripts to INCREDIBLY fasten up Revit and Lumion Interoperability :

That includes :
-Auto Override Materials
*To make a successful light study and professionally assign materials to your project.
-Auto Place Interior Lights
*Helps in lighting study, also in night shots.
-Auto Replace Proxy Elements
*Helps keeping BIM data accurate between Lumion and Revit through precise and organized replacing of Revit families in Lumion directly.
-Auto Generate Filter By Certain Criteria Via Dynamo
*Yes, you heard it, now Dynamo can understand the projects size, and create a criteria based on materials colors and names to figure out the best filter to provide you for a stunning render.
It takes the filters from AECedx master server that contains 100 filters and counting to fit any sort of project.
My goal was to minimize the time needed to render ANY Architectural project.. and give more time to design that project instead.. and hopefully, this milestone is achieved now.

Lumion Data Preparation Extension is released at AECedx
Lumion: Exterior Rendering Extension is released too at AECedx
All PRO+ Students can start learning it.

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