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  1. Feast your eyes upon my art-senal!
  2. Twelve colored pencils, ready to make your paper bodies my canvas!
  3. Let us see you dodge THIS!
  4. I've armed my missiles, my targets locked onto you!
  5. Heaven rains with pencils that leave you crying, "Sacre bleu!"
  6. Ain't got no time for you philistines
  7. Now you will die by my artistic crimes!
  8. You can't tell art from a hole in the ground
  9. Now comes the part where the plumber goes down!
  10. Glance up at the sky and you'll see the depth of your plight!
  11. Watch your head! Don’t meet your doom! Those colored pencils go "KA-BOOM!"
  12. You better look sharp and draw your weapons for a fight!
  13. Give this pencil case a show! You can do it, Mario!
  14. I'm a 12-pack of colors, but when I'm done, the streets will run with red!
  15. Don't you slip, Dull his tips! Don't let him give you more lip!
  16. You'll be half that many feet under
  17. To the king, I'll bring back your head!
  18. He's run his course, now kick his shorts! (They're metaphorical, of course!)
  19. Shoot my missiles up your derriere
  20. You stand no chance against Jean-Pierre!
  21. Missiles fling
  22. People sing
  23. Hail the Origami King
  24. I'll scribble you back down the stairs, these colors run; you best be scared!
  25. All the same
  26. He'll end your game
  27. Glory to King Olly's name!
  28. You can't hope to stop my mighty ROY G BIV barrage
  29. Now I’ll make you drop faster than the lift I sabotaged
  30. This is the part where you fall to my art
  31. You were doomed from the start
  32. You aren't all that smart!
  33. I've got it made
  34. You are in an air raid
  35. No one will come to your aid
  36. I've got missiles in spades
  37. You're RED so easily
  38. ORANGE you tired of dodging my blows?
  39. Color puns?! That's it, I'm done! Maybe last game they would have been fun!
  40. You sure aren't YELLOW
  41. But GREEN the facts, it's the end of the show!
  42. Don't give in! You have to win! Throw that guy into the bin!
  43. I'll leave you BLUE, Get a clue, it's time you INDIGO
  44. Give him space! You got this, ace! Grab the lid and close the case!
  45. I'll PURPLE the trigger, and you will fall to the Rainbow Roll!
  46. Hey, that's not fair! Wait, over there! Grab those pencils outta the air!
  47. You should have stayed in the elevator
  48. Now I’ll scribble out you haters!
  49. Missiles fling
  50. People sing
  51. Hail the Origami King
  52. When you're banged up by my tracers, you'll need more than an eraser!
  53. All the same
  54. He'll end your game
  55. Glory to King Olly's name!
  56. Zut alors! My lid is closed! I cannot stop my missiles!