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  1. Hello! I went Yeti Fishing at 3 a.m., and
  2. to be honest, it was probably the
  3. luckiest I've ever gotten in terms of
  4. drops. This was actually streamed, like,
  5. two and a half weeks ago, but I have been
  6. extremely busy with schoolwork, to the
  7. point where I've only been taking breaks
  8. to eat and play in Pit major events. So,
  9. you know, only the essentials. But during
  10. that time, I saw something that was quite
  11. rare. On my sky.lea.moe page, I hadn't
  12. logged in within four days. That's only
  13. happened, like, five times ever. Wow,
  14. that's kind of sad. But if you want to
  15. support me and my garbage upload schedule,
  16. make sure to subscribe and also join the
  17. Discord down down in the description. But
  18. without further ado, here is Yeti fishing
  19. at 3 a.m..
  20. 'Why did I really start streaming at 2:30?'
  21. I don't know, man. 'Name the title <Not
  22. clickbait, gone sexual>?' Nah, that's a
  23. bit too far. Because we are, like, dealing
  24. with children monkeys here, and that's a
  25. bit - that's a bit strange, to put 'gone
  26. sexual' in the title, then. If I'm not
  27. lying, that is a bit weird.
  28. 'Imagine you get a Yeti pet at 3 am. That
  29. would be such a poggers champ moment,
  30. All the clickbait would be mine.
  31. 'How do you not have Youtuber rank, you're
  32. so good?' Well generally, it's because I
  33. do not have 30 thousand subscribers. If I
  34. had to put in a guess, that would be it.
  35. 'Easiest way to get to fishing 25?' Imma
  36. be honest, you just gotta fish, man.
  37. It's not really something you can, like,
  38. buy the best gear and then just grind it
  39. out anymore. You have to, like, upgrade
  40. Yes, give Cat disc. Yes, give. Give, yes.
  41. Give - wait! No - oh my God.
  42. 'How did you get foraging 50 without dying
  43. irl?' I literally did. I died irl. That is
  44. what I did. Foraging is just straight up
  45. self-harm.
  46. I think I've been, like, AFK for half of
  47. this event. Or maybe not fully half. I
  48. just went in the Chloe Depression VC a lot.
  49. That's become quite the norm for Yeti
  50. fishing, honestly. I'll go on a really long
  51. dry streak, then go and chill in the Chloe
  52. Discord Depression VC. It's very nice.
  53. Bro, I swear, every time I stream Yeti
  54. it's just, like, my rates go out the
  55. window. I'm not sure if it's just because
  56. I'm getting unlucky or if because I can't
  57. really catch stuff as fast because I'm
  58. not focusing on, like, actually fishing.
  59. But that'd be weird because I never
  60. actually focused on fishing.
  61. Oh my lore.
  62. He cannot pick up the baby Yeti.
  63. Must steal the baby Yeti from Jonathan.
  64. Give. Wait! No, did a random actually
  65. pick that up?
  66. Noo! Not the random dude.
  67. This lobby. Zero lag at all.
  68. What would make you think that there is
  69. lag in this lobby? Not possible.
  70. There no way - absolutely no way that
  71. there is lag in this lobby.
  72. Jerry's event lobbies are completely
  73. unflawed. No lag. Absolutely none.
  74. Nah it didn't despawn. Someone picked it
  75. up, John. Absolutely none. I think that may
  76. well be just [ding] whoop.
  77. [laughs]
  78. What?
  79. [laughs]
  80. Bro, this is what happens when you Yeti
  81. Fish at 3 am, dude. What? HUh?
  82. Oh my god. Yeti Fishing at 3 am moment
  83. 'Are you streaming Valorant?' Why would
  84. you message me that? All you have to do is
  85. look at my channel. I don't get why -
  86. honestly, some people just message me
  87. 'Are you streaming?'.
  88. It's not that difficult to figure out
  89. yourself. I'm sorry I'm not going to
  90. answer you. I think that we gotta -
  91. I think that we gotta end up uh...
  92. peer pressuring this man.
  93. Have you perform a background check, sir?
  94. I'm going to have to return the Yeti. We
  95. know what you did.
  96. [gasp]
  97. Hello. Hello ye-do. Hello sir. Paunch
  98. I don't really want to do anything special
  99. with this guy - just give him the shank.
  100. It worked! Let's go.
  101. Jon. Jon, do you want a baby Yeti?
  102. I'm just kidding.
  103. That's on you for losing yours.
  104. Sucks to suck. L.
  105. Check the Discord. Not this time.
  106. Not this time. You can't make me.
  107. You cannot make me. Okay, you know what?
  108. It's extremely - It's every stream I
  109. gotta check some sort of Discord ping.
  110. A 3 am pass - nothing happened.
  111. [ping] Huh? Oh my god. Gone wrong. Simple
  112. origin cane. Wait. But if I go onto a
  113. lobby without POV, then will I not get
  114. POV residual luck? Oh this is a tough
  115. decision.
  116. Do I go with POV for more Yeti luck
  117. or stay in this lobby for actual, like,
  118. ticks per second? Aw, this is a tough
  119. decision. Hm, oh my god. High pixel
  120. level 259 GG. You know, having to struggle
  121. through SkyBlock is part of the fun.
  122. It's like when you go camping and then you
  123. get to complain to everyone about how,
  124. like, your camping trip sucks so much.
  125. It's kinda like that.
  126. Because you know when 50 scale average
  127. took like literally a lifetime and a half,
  128. you could be like 'Ay yo!" I literally do
  129. not have a life. Look at me. Smile.
  130. When I was just so easy.
  131. 'Has anyone in your school or class play
  132. Skyblock and knows you?' God I hope not.
  133. Some of my friends know that I have a
  134. YouTube channel, but I hope that no random
  135. at school is just like "I'm playing
  136. Let me go and watch a catlord video.
  137. That'd be so weird. Yeah, I mean I could
  138. sell superior and try to get sorrow maxed
  139. out. But that's a lot of work. And you
  140. know my motto: No work. It's a very complex
  141. motto. I put a lot of thought into it.
  142. What Windows version do I use?
  143. 10, obviously. I'm not a psychopath.
  144. I'm not going to use a prior Windows
  145. version.
  146. [screams]
  147. Hello.
  148. Get in the corner.
  149. Aww. Oh. Ye-do rod. Bonk.
  150. When is Catlord going to quit?
  151. When they released foraging 60 without
  152. doing any improvements at all. I'm gone.
  153. Oh my god there's so many people
  154. asking my opinion on things.
  155. Guys, I don't think very much. Oh my god.
  156. There's so many messages I cannot respond
  157. to- Oh. I don't- I don't think. I don't
  158. form opinions. No. Opinions are unsafe on
  159. the internet. I just go with the flow.
  160. I saw what happened to 30 virus.
  161. I don't want to form opinions anymore. It's
  162. okay. Thomas the Tank Engine is also
  163. pretty cool anime if you think about it.
  164. Why did I decide to stream late at night?
  165. Normally, I just have to deal with my 3 am
  166. thoughts. Now I have to deal with a 150
  167. people's 3 am thoughts. Oh my god.
  168. 'What are your thoughts on global warming?'
  169. My opinion: global warming - not very epic
  170. Very controversial take I know.
  171. Hello yeti. Hello sir, how are you?
  172. Hello. Hello. You should drop child.
  173. You did not drop child. I actually
  174. haven't checked baby Yeti prices. Oh no.
  175. They could be very low.
  176. Oh. Oh global warming dude! Oh why did it
  177. have to come to this? 'Foraging would be a
  178. much better skill if you could level it up
  179. by fishing.' Oh that's such a good
  180. suggestion. Yes, finally. Ahh- okay.
  181. Give 'em the chop.
  182. Yes! Oh pog! Oh that's so hot. 3 children
  183. abducted. I probably should not have said
  184. that. I'll put it with the others.
  185. Let's go boys. Three baby Yetis in 13.
  186. Let's go!
  187. [Music]