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  1. Molly is clearly still learning her way
  2. around. [laughs] You just missed
  3. me falling into
  4. the wall and then into this door
  5. intro music
  6. Hello!
  7. And welcome to my new empty apartment.
  8. So this is a two bedroom condo
  9. It's going to be a lil bit echoey
  10. Cause there's nothing in it
  11. Note the “Empty Apartment Tour.”
  12. Don't worry, there’s gonna be full move in
  13. vlogs and unpacking, decorating videos
  14. and I’ll definitely do a finished
  15. once it's decorated tour. I've done
  16. these three apartment tours in the past
  17. cause apparently I move
  18. a lot! And uh, so I thought I'd do an
  19. empty one this time cause
  20. I have it empty here for a few days.
  21. It is all white, which
  22. is exactly what I wanted.
  23. I love it so much.
  24. So, this is the front door
  25. and when you walk in
  26. It's to like, a very open concept space.
  27. There is a light,
  28. just a normal light.
  29. The floors throughout are this beautiful,
  30. super, light washed wood.
  31. Which I am obsessed with.
  32. There’s tons of lights
  33. everywhere, big windows.
  34. It’s just very bright and
  35. that is exactly what I was looking for.
  36. Right inside the door here,
  37. we have the laundry.
  38. We love to see it! We love
  39. a good in-unit washer dryer moment.
  40. What a luxury!
  41. So, very happy to have that.
  42. And then...
  43. I’m still finding my way around.
  44. I just got the keys last night.
  45. In here, we have a whole built-in closet.
  46. So, I’m gonna keep
  47. kinda my most needed jackets here
  48. and most needed shoes. But then also
  49. probably, maybe, some cleaning supplies
  50. and I think I'll probably keep
  51. Lavender and Gallops
  52. food in their bins down here
  53. so it’s really easy to grab.
  54. Where is the handle? There we go.
  55. It’s going to be a learning process.
  56. Then, it’s all just living room
  57. in front of me here.
  58. Uhm, it is so open and spacious
  59. I’m obsessed.
  60. One thing that I’m really excited about
  61. is over here... where is it?
  62. In here?
  63. We have shelving units.
  64. And I’m very excited about this
  65. because I love trinkets and décor and
  66. so I'm not gonna like overload them or
  67. anything cause that would get too busy.
  68. But I just am really excited to
  69. put some of my favorite décor pieces in
  70. here. Like my blush pink and copper globe,
  71. Candles,
  72. Just things like that through out here.
  73. I think will look really fun
  74. and just add something special to this.
  75. I’m thinking I’m gonna put
  76. my couch like right here.
  77. If we can fit it in...
  78. We literally might not be able to
  79. get the couch into the building.
  80. So that should be interesting.
  81. I might have to get a new couch
  82. unfortunately.
  83. Fingers crossed I don’t!
  84. We'll find out soon.
  85. And so, the couch, I'm thinking,
  86. is gonna go right here
  87. Now...
  88. They had it staged
  89. not when I was here looking
  90. but I'm renting from a private owner
  91. like, an owner owns this condo and
  92. I'm renting from them and I found the
  93. listing when it was being sold
  94. and they had it staged in those photos
  95. so I had like my mom
  96. and dad describe it to me
  97. and they had it staged where the chairs
  98. and couch were going this way
  99. but there's a really beautiful view and
  100. although I can't see it, I want people
  101. to be able to sit on the couch
  102. and, like, see the beautiful view
  103. and I don't have a TV,
  104. so there's no need to, like, have a couch
  105. facing the wall where a TV would be
  106. so I think that's what I'm going to do.
  107. And then have my coffee table
  108. and then, where the window is,
  109. like two chairs
  110. a nice table in the middle.
  111. It'll have to have some floor lamps
  112. cause there's no ceiling lighting in
  113. this area. But there's this giant
  114. window and all the blinds are remote
  115. controlled which sounds cool and high tech
  116. and modern, however, one of them is broken
  117. and we just got the keys yesterday
  118. and so they're getting it fixed.
  119. But it's kind of annoying cause now
  120. the blind is, like, mostly down
  121. in the one room
  122. and we can't open it
  123. cause there's no, like, you know, strings
  124. to pull. So that's kind of weird
  125. So, this is the den space.
  126. This is an old building,
  127. its a very old building
  128. and so this is like a renovated unit
  129. in a very old condo building
  130. and so, originally, this did have doors.
  131. Which, to be honest, I would have
  132. kind of preferred. I know a lot
  133. of people love the open concept
  134. but this is intended to be an office space
  135. and when you're at home on
  136. work calls you kind of want some privacy
  137. and the rest of the house doesn't want
  138. to hear what you're talking about all day.
  139. So, I feel like that was, honestly,
  140. a bad decision to take the doors out
  141. I would've just put clear glass doors
  142. or a sliding barn door or something
  143. to still give it that open feel
  144. without removing the personal privacy
  145. of whoever's office space this is
  146. but it wasn't my renovation.
  147. So there's tons of windows in here
  148. but the blind is stuck halfway down
  149. at this point.
  150. apparently, it's beautiful views
  151. but I cant show you that
  152. cause I don't want to show you and have
  153. creepy people figure out where I live
  154. uhm, but there is like overhead lighting
  155. in here. I don't know what exactly
  156. I'm going to do with this space

  157. I think I'm gonna put like
  158. Lavender's cat condo in here
  159. maybe one of my swing chairs
  160. from my balcony cause I don't have a
  161. balcony unfortunately here.
  162. The light switch for this is over
  163. here and it does have a dimmer switch
  164. which is nice. So you have some mood
  165. lighting. There isn't dimmer switches
  166. Throughout the place but
  167. there is in some spots and that's one.
  168. And then here is where my beautiful, giant
  169. marble table will go.
  170. I'm so obsessed. My last apartment
  171. that I was living in, couldn't fit
  172. my giant, rectangular, marble table
  173. so i kept it in storage, but this is
  174. the perfect spot for it and I think
  175. it's gonna look so good with all just the
  176. whites and the greys, cause all of...
  177. everything here is white and then
  178. a lot of my furniture is gray, white and
  179. pastel pink, so I think it's just
  180. gonna look perfect. So I'll have my big
  181. table here with my clear chairs.
  182. I personally dont love this light
  183. I feel like its very trendy right now to
  184. have with these kind of wicker lights.
  185. and I get it. It justs not personal -
  186. it's a beautiful light - it's just not
  187. personally my vibe. So, I might switch
  188. that out if the guy lets me, I'll
  189. just store this and then
  190. buy my own overhead light. Switch
  191. it out, so potentially that will happen.
  192. and then over here we come into the
  193. kitchen. Obviously, this is like a bar
  194. area, where you could put two
  195. to three chairs. I dont have any bar
  196. stools that will fit this. I might
  197. pick some up. I might not.
  198. I haven't really decided
  199. I'm gonna have six chairs to sit at the
  200. table. I dont know that this willl
  201. be used that much. But who knows?
  202. I might move in and be like,
  203. "I'm really missing have chairs at
  204. my bar". So we'll have to see.
  205. And we go left into the kitchen
  206. its an all white kitchen. It is a very
  207. small like galley kitchen,
  208. but I don't cook
  209. so, I dont care that its a small kitchen.
  210. One cool thing about this fridge though
  211. is its smudge proof. So you like leave
  212. fingerprints and they disappear. I dont
  213. know if it will pick up on camera but
  214. I feel like thats kind of nice, you never
  215. have to clean it. Also, the dishwasher
  216. okay, is like drawers. So there's two
  217. drawers instead of like a kind of
  218. traditional one that folds down. So I
  219. thought that was unique. uhm, and I guess
  220. its good in a small tight space like this
  221. to have that style. Uhm yeah, so nothing
  222. much to say. This is the kitchen.
  223. And then in the hallway, we have tons
  224. of storage. I think that this built-in
  225. is kind of intended to be like your pantry
  226. so for people who love cooking and
  227. snacks, they would kind of store a lot
  228. of their food in here. I don't love
  229. cooking or snacks. So I'll probably
  230. mostly put my shoes in here. I feel this
  231. could be good shoe storage, right Mom?
  232. [Mother] Actually I was thinking
  233. the same thing myself.
  234. So I think perhaps shoes will be going
  235. there If there's some overflow, and then
  236. here we have more storage. They really did
  237. a really good job, at like building in
  238. storage to the space. Oh there is not
  239. another door. Here I am feeling around
  240. to pull another door open.
  241. They really did a great job at building
  242. in storage and there is a light in there
  243. too actually which is kind of nice.
  244. I'm impressed with all the built-ins
  245. I feel like thats - if you have an old
  246. space that you're renovating whether
  247. its with the intention to sell, to rent,
  248. or to just continue living there
  249. yourself, I feel like doing built-in
  250. storage and built-in closets is
  251. such a wise way to spend your money
  252. cause it makes your life so much
  253. better and so much easier. And I feel
  254. like for resale value, its really big.
  255. Across from that last cupboard in
  256. the hallway, we have the one bathroom,
  257. not one, theres two bathrooms,
  258. but this is the first kind of guest
  259. bathroom. So there is a bathtub.
  260. Unfortuantely, my fellow bath lovers
  261. will relate to me on this. A good bathtub
  262. has a slanting back, so you can like
  263. lean back when you are soaking in
  264. the tub. Bad bathtubs have like a rigid
  265. edge that you cant get comfortable in.
  266. This has one of those. It's like just
  267. straight up and down so you can't
  268. really like comfortably sit with your
  269. back. So I'm gonna try to find like a
  270. nice bath pillow or something that
  271. might make it better. The floor is so
  272. beautiful. I love this tile so much.
  273. And its heated flooring. Correct.
  274. Its heated flooring.
  275. I'll let that soak in. I'm very excited
  276. and then I love the sink. I love that
  277. they did like an above counter sink
  278. because I feel like it frees up a lot of
  279. storage space underneath for piping
  280. and stuff. Sunken in all the piping then
  281. takes up a lot of room. So I feel like
  282. it's not only aesthetically nice but its
  283. just smart for saving storage. They left
  284. Kleenex, which is funny. But I also like
  285. that there's again somewhat of like
  286. built in storage in here. So products can
  287. go in here and they wont like be all
  288. over the place in the drawers.
  289. and there is another big drawer down
  290. here. And then this mirror is cool cause
  291. you can see it has like the lighting
  292. but you can also like wave your hand under
  293. and that turns off. So if you didn't want
  294. that lighting, boom, on and off.
  295. So I think that's pretty neat.
  296. (Record Scratching) Molly is clearly still
  297. learning her way around. You just missed
  298. me walk into the wall, and then into this
  299. door, like [laughing] literally I was like
  300. "Ow!" & then I took two more steps and was
  301. like "Ow!" so its gonna take a week or so
  302. [Mother] Meanwhile, you found my phone.
  303. [Molly] Yes, my mom was looking for her
  304. phone & I was like, "Oh, I found your
  305. phone its in here!" Because this is a
  306. built-in closet and I was like feeling
  307. all of the built-ins
  308. and it was sitting right on here and then
  309. she's like, "How did you find my phone?"
  310. and then as I'm like triumphantly bringing
  311. her the phone, I like walk into two things
  312. in the span of three steps. So it'll
  313. take me a good week or so to get
  314. settled and learn the way around.
  315. But its fine, we are doing well.
  316. So, this is another built-in. This is in
  317. the second bedroom. Now the second
  318. bedroom has no overhead light at all,
  319. which is too bad, again, if I had bought
  320. this condo and renovated it, I would
  321. personally put overhead
  322. lighting in every room and
  323. all of it would have dimmer switches.
  324. Personal preference, but it doesnt.
  325. So we have one of my filming studio lights
  326. on, but this will just have to have lots
  327. of lamps. And so yeah, this is the
  328. built-in closet. So
  329. once my boyfriend is able to live
  330. here with me, this is gonna be his office,
  331. because, like everyone, he works from home
  332. and so this will be his home office. So
  333. he'll have his desk. We'll probably keep
  334. our workout equipment in here as well and
  335. then this will be his closet for all his
  336. clothes and shoes and what not. And it's
  337. honestly quite spacious. Like they really
  338. did a good build in here compared, if you
  339. you think, what it probably
  340. was before, with just a
  341. bar across the top, but its so much more
  342. convenient now how they've done it.
  343. So really well done. And there's really
  344. nothing to say about this room. Its just
  345. a square room that's gonna have some
  346. work equipment and some workout
  347. equipment. Then we have the master
  348. bedroom! which is directly across the hall
  349. from the second bedroom, which is
  350. again, an office. And both the bedrooms
  351. have floor to ceiling, wall to wall
  352. windows on one side, which is really
  353. really nice and it does have those blinds
  354. with the remote control. I think in the
  355. window I'm gonna put that faux fur white
  356. bench that I had in my last apartment
  357. in the doorway like in the hallway at the
  358. front entrance. I think I'll put that in
  359. the window in the bedroom. And then at the
  360. end of the bed, there's like almost like a
  361. cutout in the wall. And I think there I'm
  362. gonna put that photo of the woman's face
  363. that used to be in the background a lot in
  364. my videos and my vanity. And there here
  365. against this wall will be
  366. beautiful storage bed
  367. with bedside tables and its honestly
  368. so spacious. Again, no overhead light
  369. though, in the main part of the bedroom so
  370. that's a little sad. But we'll just rely
  371. on good lamps. And then we come this way.
  372. This is where it gets interesting.
  373. So the same light above that is in the
  374. entrance way and then it's all built-ins
  375. and what's interesting here is like its
  376. open concept. So, as you see, there's no
  377. sliding door. There's nothing here. So all
  378. your clothes and shoes are exposed which
  379. defintely forces you to keep it organized
  380. and clean, because anybody who walks
  381. in here can see if its messy. You also
  382. just really want to be careful with where
  383. you're putting things like bras
  384. or underwear. Like, you're
  385. gonna have to get, I guess the
  386. drawers. There is drawers here.
  387. So I guess you wanna make sure
  388. you're keeping all personal stuff in the drawers
  389. hidden away, but yeah, I think that's pretty
  390. interesting. I might film with this
  391. as the background somtimes. For like
  392. fashion videos I feel like it would be fun
  393. to see some of my clothes like hung up
  394. behind me and stuff. I dont know. I
  395. feel like that would look cool. So this
  396. will be my closet space because, like most
  397. partnerships, I do have more clothes than
  398. my male counterpart. And then over here
  399. is another built-in. This ones a little
  400. more private. These are all shoe racks
  401. which is really great. And then we have
  402. coat racks and then some more little
  403. space here. Pretty good.
  404. And then we come into the master bathroom
  405. and it is that same beautiful black and
  406. white geometric tile with heated flooring.
  407. I'm obsessed.
  408. Same exact vanity with the same kind of
  409. built-in drawer layout I think. Oh,
  410. it's slightly different actually. Huh.
  411. Oh, you can move these. Oh my God
  412. That's so handy. I love discovering -
  413. [Mother] Molly, you must be in heaven.
  414. I love discovering new things, okay?
  415. and then again, the same lighting
  416. situation with that, toilet, and then here
  417. is a standing glass shower.
  418. Now, it's - it's very narrow,
  419. which is fine.
  420. What's interesting, and I was
  421. talking about this with my mom yesterday
  422. when we got the keys and we were touring,
  423. I was like, "both this glass shower
  424. and the glass shower in my last apartment
  425. don't have any shelves for products."
  426. No built-in shelves for products.
  427. No little, like, cubby in the corner,
  428. where you put your products.
  429. Nothing! And, I'm like, "Do these people,
  430. when they design showers,
  431. forget that literally everybody who's ever
  432. showered has at least one or two products
  433. that they need like soap, shampoo,
  434. something. So, that's very strange.
  435. So, I'm gonna have to figure something out
  436. for that. Uhm...
  437. If I had done this shower, personally,
  438. I would have added a door here for two
  439. reasons, because with it being open,
  440. if you move the shower head to point too
  441. far out you're gonna potentially get water
  442. dripping onto the floor. I know there
  443. is this ledge here to help stop that,
  444. but I've had this situation happen before.
  445. Also, it keeps the heat in.
  446. So, when you turn the water off,
  447. like, this is all the heat from the shower
  448. is still kept in here. So, you
  449. can kind of like dry off a little bit
  450. before you, like, enter back out to the
  451. cold world. Whereas, when it's already
  452. open, the cold air is just gonna get
  453. immediately to your wet body,
  454. and it's not fun. So, that's
  455. probably what I would have done.
  456. But, it's beautiful. Like, honestly, it's
  457. like they did a great job with this
  458. renovation. One, two, I've toured
  459. five spaces. This was the first I saw
  460. and i was like "Yep, that's the one."
  461. "That's me."
  462. "I need to go back and snatch that up."
  463. And, honestly, it feels like such a gift.
  464. I feel so grateful that I can live in such
  465. a beautiful space, like this, that really
  466. makes me so happy.
  467. And, I'm so excited to decorate it and
  468. show you guys what I do.
  469. I love home décor. I know a lot of people
  470. don't understand how I can love home décor
  471. so much, even though I can't see it.
  472. But, it is a real passion of mine.
  473. So, I'm really excited.
  474. I'm gonna stick with an all gray and white
  475. theme in here. So, I don't think we're
  476. going to do lavender in the bedroom
  477. anymore. I mean the cat Lavender, yes;
  478. but, the color no (Laughs),
  479. because I think it'll just be nice,
  480. especially because that's open concept.
  481. And, so, any of the colors of my clothes,
  482. you know, I just think keeping
  483. it all neutral is going to be nice.
  484. Which is the other weird part about an
  485. open-concept is, like, if you wanted to
  486. paint your bedroom orange, but all your
  487. like, blue and green, and purple and
  488. red and yellow clothes are showing,
  489. it's kinda of like.. clashy? I don't know.
  490. But it's gonna be all neutral in here.
  491. Uhm, I'm very excited.
  492. It really does feel like a gift. Yesterday
  493. so this is going up on February 9th...
  494. Yesterday, February 8th, was my
  495. 27th birthday. It is painful to even say
  496. that out loud, because I feel like [sigh]
  497. my mid-20s are officially behind me.
  498. I can't say I'm in my mid-20s anymore.
  499. I am absolutely in my late-20s.
  500. I have to say that.
  501. But, uhm, it really feels like such a gift
  502. to have gotten this and moved in
  503. right on time for my birthday. And, I did
  504. buy myself one other gift though:
  505. These shoes right here!
  506. They're Jeffrey Campbell.
  507. If you're as obsessed with them as I am,
  508. check them out.
  509. I just couldn't help myself.
  510. For those who can't see, they're like,
  511. these beautiful chunky-heel platform, and
  512. they're lavender, pastel pink, and
  513. periwinkle and I love them.
  514. So, that was my birthday gift to myself.
  515. Uhm, and, this apartment is certainly
  516. feeling like a huge blessing.
  517. I've been saving up for a long time to
  518. eventually try and hopefully buy my own
  519. place, and I'm hoping to do so
  520. within the next few years. And, I've been
  521. giving it a lot of thought over the last
  522. little while, about what I'm looking for,
  523. and, uhm, I really think that I want to
  524. buy something and renovate it.
  525. Like, buy something that's old and needs
  526. to be gutted, and just totally re-do it,
  527. and bring you guys on that journey
  528. with me. Because, as you
  529. guys heard me walking through here,
  530. I do, uhm, have a lot of opinions about
  531. renovations and design, and I think it
  532. would be really fun to design my own home
  533. to be as comfortable and accessible
  534. as it could be for me,
  535. and to take you guys on that journey,
  536. as well. And, I'm
  537. a part of a lot of retinitis pigmentosis
  538. support groups on Facebook, and I see a
  539. lot of people in the group
  540. talking about that, like
  541. "Hey, we're renovating our house."
  542. "Any ideas for best way to design it to be
  543. accessible." and things like that.
  544. So, I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to get
  545. to do that for myself and to bring
  546. you guys on that journey with me?!"
  547. And, so I think that is something that
  548. I am hoping to do
  549. in the next year or two, so hopefully...
  550. Hopefully, this is the last place I have
  551. to rent. Who knows?
  552. Every time I've said that, I've had to
  553. move. So, maybe I shouldn't say that.
  554. But, anyways, come this way.
  555. I'm gonna kick you out for now.
  556. But, I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing
  557. this empty apartment tour and
  558. are excited for the content that's
  559. coming up. Of course,
  560. if you're not into those kind of videos,
  561. like decor and unpacking;
  562. Don't worry, there's gonna be a lot of my
  563. other type of content coming out still,
  564. too. But, I'm really excited to have
  565. shared this with you.
  566. I hope you guys love it
  567. because you're gonna be seeing a lot of it
  568. in my upcoming videos!
  569. If you want more Molly, til' then,
  570. you can check this video out,
  571. or this one over here.
  572. And, I'll see you guys next time
  573. [kisses] Bye!