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Why I’m Not Fluent in Sign Language


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Someone asked me why I'm not fluent in sign language � That's one of the most popular questions people ask me about being deaf.

When I was a wee one, oral and mainstreaming was the gold standard �

I attended public schools and loads of speech therapy. That's where I learn to lipread and speak ... and repeat many nonsensical sounds too many times to count! �

In 4th grade, I learned the finger alphabet when someone gave a presentation on Helen Keller. She passed out cards with the finger alphabet.

Some of my classmates and I learned it and used fingerspelling to talk to each other across the classroom.

Why didn't I learn sign language later?

Well, I kind of did. I took a class in college, but it didn't go well!

The reason I chose not to become fluent is that most people I meet don't know sign language. And I want to maintain my lipreading and speech skills.

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