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  1. [Eleanor] This is Eleanor Sulley
  2. Niezsynchronizowane
    I'm glad to bring you Alta,
  3. Niezsynchronizowane
    who I think will read a prose piece,
  4. Niezsynchronizowane
    or part of a prose piece,
  5. Niezsynchronizowane
    and then perhaps some poetry
  6. Niezsynchronizowane
    And Alta has an accompanist,
  7. Niezsynchronizowane
    a liberated flutist by the name of Curly Hummingbird
  8. Niezsynchronizowane
    Alright, Alta
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    [flute music begins] {Alta Gerrey} So one of the things I discovered in the women's movement
  10. Niezsynchronizowane
    And I've discovered every time I get into a movement
  11. Niezsynchronizowane
    is that I can't pinpoint the enemy.
  12. Niezsynchronizowane
    And the women's movement was very handy because
  13. Niezsynchronizowane
    if the enemies men, then you knew right away
  14. Niezsynchronizowane
    when you look at somebody, most people (giggle) and uh, It just simplified my life tremendously.

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  16. Niezsynchronizowane
    So then I discovered that that was wrong again
  17. Niezsynchronizowane
    and this came out of that.
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    No enemies- the life force did not have to be a death force.
  19. Niezsynchronizowane
    How can I say that when ... is in the hands of men who wanted to .....?
  20. Niezsynchronizowane
    How can I say that when I saw .... shock treatment?
  21. Niezsynchronizowane
    Of course I have enemies, don't I?
  22. Niezsynchronizowane
    Don't we?
  23. Niezsynchronizowane
    People who wanted to destroy us, aren't they the enemies?
  24. Niezsynchronizowane
    We must be their enemies or they would not want to destroy us.
  25. Niezsynchronizowane
    Already there's a flaw- who is whose enemy first'?
  26. Niezsynchronizowane
    Were thy mine or was I thine?
  27. Niezsynchronizowane
    When I was a kid I wanted to be a fighter pilot so I could kill "Japs".
  28. Niezsynchronizowane
    They were my enemy; Germans were too, but I didn't hear about them because I was German.