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  1. [Between the lines]
  2. The swiss' name Robert Walser
    is not well known by here yet
  3. But he was admired by some
    of the bigger writers
  4. and intelectuals of the
    twentieth century once.
  5. and he just released
    his most important book in Brazil.
  6. As speaks our collaborator:
    Carlos Eduardo Ortolan
  7. The swiss writer and
    german speaker Robert Waiser
  8. belongs to the niche of authors
    whose just got recognized post death
  9. Alcoholic, after a life of
    mediocre literary success
  10. and unexpressive jobs.
  11. the depressed neurotic Waiser would
    end up his days in a Menthal instalation
  12. in which he said: "I'm not here
    to write, but to be crazy"
  13. The crew of lovers of his
    small work
  14. gathers Franz Kafka, who
    had him as master and role model
  15. and most recently, Walter Benjamin,
  16. Elias Canetti, Susan Sontag and Coetzee.
  17. Waiser's masterpiece, the novel
    "Jakob von Gunten: A Journal"
  18. just received brazilian edition.
  19. The fictional memories of Jakob von Gunten
  20. talks, in summary,
    about his season at Institute Benjamenta
  21. a boy's school,
  22. in which the weird character enrolls
    as an intern student.
  23. But everything sounds different at school.
  24. The boys, who are there to learn
    to be servants of noble families,
  25. actually, learns nothing but
    lessons about humility and behaving.
  26. There's only 1 book,
    the Institute's manual
  27. and just 1 teacher,
    Ms Benjamenta
  28. the sister of the
    institution's owner
  29. who stays closed in his office
    all days,
  30. counting money and
    reading the newspaper.
  31. From an aristocratic family,
    von Gunten says all the time
  32. that he's there exactly to learn
    obedience and humility.
  33. But through his paradoxal
    point of view
  34. constantly ridicularizes all
    values of humanity and civilization,
  35. everything considered high level,
  36. in a kind of stubborn activism,
  37. remembering our Brás Cubas
    with his impudence and cynicism.
  38. "Thou wouldst give me the fisrt
    place among mortals,
  39. "beyond science and richness,
  40. "cause wast the genuine
    inspiration of the skies.
  41. "Thou wouldst be the relief
    of our melancolic humanity
  42. The words of Coetzee,
    "Essay devoted to Waiser",
  43. Gunten would be the kind of boy
  44. who, because of his deep contempt
    for everything human and moral,
  45. could be a part of, in a near future,
    Hitler's Sturmabteilung
  46. Strange analogy.
  47. the book of the apolitical Rober Waiser
    shows the ruines of civilization
  48. and the aproximation of
    darker and darker times.
  49. Everything very kafkian
  50. ... meaning, the most faithful
    expression of a tragic reality.