Natural Breech VBAC Birth of Remi (graphic)

Natural Breech VBAC Birth of Remi (graphic)

For my full birth story go here -

This is the breech birth of my 4th baby. It is graphic, but it is also a birth, so they come hand in hand really ;)

Please be mindful that this is a very personal moment, which I am sharing. I am more than happy to do so, as I feel it may help other women in my situation, to be inspired & know that there isn't only 1 option for breech babies.

My first 2 babies were born naturally, 3rd was an unnecessary c-section due to being breech, and this one was a breech VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean).

I was very determined after my c-section to have a VBAC. When I found out baby #4 was breech, I was even more so. I knew I could do it, a natural birth was the only way for me, a repeat c-section was not at all necessary (in my situation). So finally, after refusing to consent to a c-section, I got the natural birth I wanted.

For more info on breech check out (Australian)
Also Spinning babies is helpful for tips to get your baby to turn -

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