Why You Want to Caption Those Sounds

Why You Want to Caption Those Sounds

People viewing your #video may have the sound off ��

Or they can't hear it �

And sound plays a critical role in videos:

� It foreshadows.
☎️ It reveals what's happening. ���
� It explains why someone reacts.
� It makes us dance.
� And so much more.

#Captions communicate a lot just by highlighting all the sounds. A simple way to indicate a sound is to put it in [brackets].

These videos reveal the value of sound in #captioned videos. The left captions everything. The right only captions what's said. Part of the video has no sound to show you what it's like when people can't hear it.

Would you believe there are times when a song plays with lyrics, but the captions show nothing or just musical notes? ��‍♀️ #NotKidding

That's a surefire way to have unhappy viewers � But of course, you want to make them happy �

Just caption those sounds and it'll be music to their ears! ��


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