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  1. Our Democratic law makers investigating
    the first coup attempt this country
  2. has ever seen, taking a butter knife to a
    gun fight?
  3. Or will they, as they're signaling
  4. truly get tough on those who stand
  5. between them and the truth?
    Also, did President Biden just wheel a
  6. Howitzer into the battle?
    John Berman here, in for Anderson,
  7. A string of new developments to bring you
  8. from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.
  9. They all touch on this: Whether those who
    tried to undermine democracy itself will
  10. be held accountable. Because as one
    political observer Tweeted today,
  11. "An unpunished coup is a training
    exercise." Those are the stakes as the
  12. committee tries to enforce subpoenas
    on four ex-Trump aids and allies. As of
  13. tonight, only two, former White House
    Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows and former
  14. Pentagon official Kash Patel, are even
    engaging at all in the process after a
  15. midnight deadline came for producing
    documents came and went;
  16. and that's the committee's word,
    by the way.
  17. Engaging,
    which could mean anything, and is a far
  18. cry from cooperating. Dan Scavino, it's
    not clear whether he has responded at all,
  19. or has even been served. However, he has
    not even mentioned in the joint statement
  20. from committee chair Benny Thompson and
    vice chair Liz Cheney. As for Steve
  21. Bannon, he's flat out defying the
    committee. His lawyer, citing the former
  22. president's executive privilege, which is
    a pretty braising claim to make given
  23. that Bannon hasn't worked in the White
    House since 2017. And for the record,
  24. January 6, 2021 wasn't in 2017. Bannon is
    acting on the former president's orders.
  25. A Trump lawyer last night, telling all
    four not to comply. As you know, the
  26. former president has made is clear that
    he no longer even sees January 6 as a
  27. thing, saying this week, the real
    insurrection was on election day. And last
  28. night on Fox he made his contempt plain
    for those who have tried and failed to
  29. hold him accountable. "They had fake
    impeachments, two fake impeachments, where
  30. the Republicans were great, I have to say,
    they stuck with us. The whole thing was
  31. fake, and I had to survive. And to survive
    you had to be tough. And you had to be out
  32. there. You didn't have time to be
    necessarily dainty and nice." 'Dainty and
  33. nice,' or as it used to be called,
    following the rules, obeying the law, that
  34. sort of thing. Faced with that kind of
    attitude, the Biden White House today
  35. broke a tradition, saying the president
    would not invoke executive privilege over
  36. Trump documents sought from the national
    archives by the select committee. In other
  37. words, Biden would allow the release. So
    there is now a conflict, because we
  38. learned late today that the former
    president has sent a letter to the
  39. archives asserting privilege and threating
    to, quote "take all necessary and
  40. appropriate steps to protect the office of
    the presidency." And President Biden?
  41. Listen to how his press secretary framed
    it. "The administration takes the events
  42. of January 6 incredibly seriously. As the
    president said on its six month
  43. anniversary, that day posed an existential
    crisis and a test of whether our democracy
  44. could survive." 'Whether our democracy
    could survive.' That's really something to
  45. hear from anyone, let alone someone
    speaking for the president. It's also
  46. where we are tonight.