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  1. [Acoustic guitar plays upbeat song]
  2. [Flicks the blanket.]
  3. [Pours cereal]
  4. [Pours milk]
  5. [Scribbling sound effect.]
  6. [Calming music plays]
  7. [Crunches baugette]
  8. For breakfast, I'm going to have cereal
    because I feel lazy.
  9. Niezsynchronizowane
    I like 'Cranberry Granola'
  10. Niezsynchronizowane
    Add some Malteasers also
    + Milk
  11. Niezsynchronizowane
    AM 10:28
  12. Niezsynchronizowane
    [sounds of spooning and chewing cereal]
  13. Niezsynchronizowane
    I feel happy because it's delicious, haha.
  14. Niezsynchronizowane
  15. Niezsynchronizowane
    AM 11:03
  16. Niezsynchronizowane
    After choosing my favorite cup,
    I take out one coffee capsule
  17. Niezsynchronizowane
    And brew a coffee with a coffee machine
  18. Niezsynchronizowane
    The snack for today is garlic baguette!
  19. Niezsynchronizowane
    I take some garlic baguette,
    as much as I can eat
  20. Niezsynchronizowane
    AM 11:23
  21. Niezsynchronizowane
    I'm going to organize my desk for work.
    And I'm ready to work!
  22. Niezsynchronizowane
    Actually, I'm ready to eat...
    [crunch of baguette being eaten]
  23. Niezsynchronizowane
    AM 11:43
  24. Niezsynchronizowane
    This product introduction
    is not an advertisement
  25. Niezsynchronizowane
    But it is supporting the social
    and economic independence of artists
  26. Niezsynchronizowane
    With developmental disabilities.
  27. Niezsynchronizowane
    [begins speaking]
    Hi, everyone
  28. Niezsynchronizowane
    While I was taking a video
    for my VLOG today,
  29. Niezsynchronizowane
    I wanted to introduce this cup.
    So I'm going to say a few words.
  30. Niezsynchronizowane
    This cup was sent by "Thisabled"
    This organization called "Thisabled"
  31. Niezsynchronizowane
    is a place where people
    with developmental disabilities
  32. Niezsynchronizowane
    make artwork, and "Thisabled" helps them
    create, exhibit, and collaborate
  33. Niezsynchronizowane
    with brands so that they can develop
    independence economically and socially.
  34. Niezsynchronizowane
    So they sent me this (gift),
    and it's not an advertisement
  35. Niezsynchronizowane
    But I wanted to introduce this to you guys
    To support artists
  36. Niezsynchronizowane
    with developmental disabilities.
  37. Niezsynchronizowane
    They also sent me this griptok
    They say it's comfortable when I stick it
  38. Niezsynchronizowane
    on the back of my phone, but I haven't
    put it on yet.
  39. Niezsynchronizowane
    But these pictures are so pretty that
    I wanted to introduce it to you guys.
  40. Niezsynchronizowane
    PM 13:23
  41. Niezsynchronizowane
    [acoustic guitar plays]
    Organizing dishes
  42. Niezsynchronizowane
    [vacuum hums]
  43. Niezsynchronizowane
    PM 15:30
  44. Niezsynchronizowane
    I turned off the camera for a while and
  45. Niezsynchronizowane
    fell asleep while I was playing
    with my phone.
  46. Niezsynchronizowane
    By the time I get hungry,
  47. Niezsynchronizowane
    PM 18:34
  48. Niezsynchronizowane
    After chopping the onion,
    chop some kimchi also
  49. Niezsynchronizowane
    Take as much kimchi as I need, and
    Fry pork belly + herb salt
  50. Niezsynchronizowane
    After cutting pork belly into small pieces
    Fry again
  51. Niezsynchronizowane
    It looks delicious...
  52. Niezsynchronizowane
    Place the pork belly on a different plate
  53. Niezsynchronizowane
    + Chopped Kimchi, + Onion
    + Perillaa oil
  54. Niezsynchronizowane
  55. Niezsynchronizowane
    It's more delicious because it's fried
    In pork belly oil and savory perilla oil
  56. Niezsynchronizowane
    + Sugar
    + More Sugar
  57. Niezsynchronizowane
    Add some sugar to cover up the sour taste
    of kimchi and fry more.
  58. Niezsynchronizowane
    + Rice
    + Pork Belly
  59. Niezsynchronizowane
    + Perilla Leaf
  60. Niezsynchronizowane
    Fry Again
  61. Niezsynchronizowane
    + Ssamjang
  62. Niezsynchronizowane
    Fry Again
  63. Niezsynchronizowane
    Today's dinner menu,
    Pork Belly Ssamjang Fried Rice
  64. Niezsynchronizowane
    is done.
  65. Niezsynchronizowane
    + Parsley
  66. Niezsynchronizowane
    PM 19:07
  67. Niezsynchronizowane
    This is really delicious everyone...
    It tastes like that, but it's really good.
  68. Niezsynchronizowane
    You guys should try it sometime!
  69. Niezsynchronizowane
    Disappeared in an instant.
  70. Niezsynchronizowane
    AM 2:03
  71. Niezsynchronizowane
    March, which was the beginning of spring,
    is already coming to an end.
  72. Niezsynchronizowane
    I hope true spring will
    come to your heart, too
  73. Niezsynchronizowane
    You have done well today.
  74. Niezsynchronizowane
  75. Niezsynchronizowane
    [Loud crunching.]
  76. Niezsynchronizowane
    [Pours milk]
  77. Niezsynchronizowane
    [Places baugette]
  78. Niezsynchronizowane
    [Pours coffee.]

  79. Niezsynchronizowane
    [Places maltsers]