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    [ELSA] Bill, let's begin our conversation by just asking you briefly
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    to tell us something about yourself.
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    [BILL] Well, I'm from West Palm Beach, Florida
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    I was born there in 1936 and I attended schools there, graduated
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    in 1953 from Roosevelt High School. In January of 1954, I enlisted
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    in the United States Air Force, where I was for 3 years, 8 months
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    and about 26 days. While in the Air Force I was fortunate and unfortunate
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    enough to spend two years in Japan and also in Korea, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa.
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    After discharge from the Air Force I attended school, I matriculated
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    at Florida A & M University in October 1957. Presently I'm majoring in
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    Business Administration with a minor in Political Science and I am also
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    President-Elect of the student body; I take office in September.
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    [Elsa] What do you propose to do when you're finished with your university?
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    Are you going to be teaching? or uh?
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    [Bill] Well, no, I'm majoring in Business Administration in an effort not to teach.
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    In the South, for the Negro who attends college, if he wants employment in the South
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    most of the time he must devote to the teaching profession and I don't particulary
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    want to teach. I feel that I can help the teaching profession by staying away
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