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  1. Niezsynchronizowane
    [ANAIS NIN:] This is the end of the listening.
  2. Niezsynchronizowane
    I will talk to you for a little while and then I will answer your questions,
  3. Niezsynchronizowane
    and then we will just talk together and I will come down, and spend as long as you wish with you.
  4. Niezsynchronizowane
    There is a beautiful word in Welsh: it's the word furrawn F-U-R-R-A-W-N.
  5. Niezsynchronizowane
    It means the kind of talk that leads to intimacy.
  6. Niezsynchronizowane
    This is the kind of talk that we have had all week-end
  7. Niezsynchronizowane
    in which you participated in a quite way by your response.
  8. Niezsynchronizowane
    I wanted to leave that word with you, furrawn,
  9. Niezsynchronizowane
    because it is something that we have been very hungry for, and very aware.
  10. Niezsynchronizowane
    And I also wanted to leave with you an image taken from a science I do not understand,
  11. Niezsynchronizowane
    from electronics.
  12. Niezsynchronizowane
    And when I first heard it, I was fascinated by the words.
  13. Niezsynchronizowane
    It is "integrated circuits"
    [audience laughs]
  14. Niezsynchronizowane
    and I gave it my own interpretation, and though I was taken by the facts,
  15. Niezsynchronizowane
    just to see the drawings that were made in a large, gigantic, magnified way
  16. Niezsynchronizowane
    of a very intricate connecting circuit,
  17. Niezsynchronizowane
    which are then later reduced to size, to have this size and have to be looked at with a magnifying glass,
  18. Niezsynchronizowane
    I thought it was a beautiful work of integration.
  19. Niezsynchronizowane
    I felt all week-end that this was taking place,
  20. Niezsynchronizowane
    that so many circuits were put again together,
  21. Niezsynchronizowane
    so that this small thing we will carry and have to look at with a magnifying glass
  22. Niezsynchronizowane
    is still an image from electronics,
  23. Niezsynchronizowane
    which means that all the circuits must remain open, so that they can be connected,
  24. Niezsynchronizowane
    and so that they can work together in the most intricate way,
  25. Niezsynchronizowane
    and captate the most ..... [1:50] and elusive messages.
  26. Niezsynchronizowane
    One of the questions I am going to deal with now, because there has been a misunderstanding,
  27. Niezsynchronizowane
    that all we have said over the week-end is that the artist who paints, who writes poetry,
  28. Niezsynchronizowane
    who is a musician and who can write,
  29. Niezsynchronizowane
    is the only one, said someone in one of the questions, who can be creative.
  30. Niezsynchronizowane
    And that is not what we meant at all.
  31. Niezsynchronizowane
    In the first place, every child is an artist,
  32. Niezsynchronizowane
    every child writes poetry, every child says amazing things, every child can paint,
  33. Niezsynchronizowane
    so that I think all of us are artists and all of us are exceptional
  34. Niezsynchronizowane
    and all of us can do what we were speaking about this week-end.
  35. Niezsynchronizowane
    The fact that I am speaking of poets and writers and critics and musicians and film-makers and photographers
  36. Niezsynchronizowane
    only means that we are devoting our full time to this preoccupation of creativity and the creative world.
  37. Niezsynchronizowane
    It's a practice like any other,
  38. Niezsynchronizowane
    but it can be adapted to any form of life,
  39. Niezsynchronizowane
    it can be adapted to the most ordinary form of life and occupation,
  40. Niezsynchronizowane
    and it doesn't mean that all of us have to express it in the terms which you have heard this week-end.
  41. Niezsynchronizowane
    It's a spirit of creativity that we were trying to demonstrate. (3:05)