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  1. When you have a dream,

  2. it doesn't often come at you screaming in your face...
  3. Dreams always come from behind you,
    not right between your eyes and sticks up on you.
  4. Sometimes a dream almost whispers..
  5. ...whispers that never shouts.
  6. Very hard to hear.
  7. So you have to every day of your life
  8. be ready to hear, what whisper in your ear that very weirdly shouts.
  9. That moment time, was one of the darkest moments of at a my whole life.
  10. My motivation was up to door, I just want to give up.
  11. I need you to be who you supposed to be.
  12. Don't let nobody stop you from being who you supposed to be
  13. Don't let nobody out talk you.
    Don't let anybody tell you, that doors are shut.
  14. Don't let anybody tell you, that opportunities don't exist.
    Don't let anybody tell you that.
  15. I need you to be, who you supposed to be,
    cause when you are who you supposed to be - you are superhuman.
  16. I don't wan't to delude you,
    cause this is a carrier ending injure
  17. Listen to me, you got fear and you got faith.
  18. And I've decided not to walk in fear, but to walk in faith.
  19. There is greatness in you.
  20. Are you hear me?
  21. There is greatness in you.
  22. And you mean to tell me, you never gonna reach your full potential;
  23. You mean to tell me, you never going to be what you been called to be,
  24. that's you're not going to do what you been called to do, because you are afraid?
  25. Some things don't come,
  26. They just not gonna come to you, because you just want it
    as bad as you wanna breathe.
  27. You gotta put up
    and you got to be willing to fight that thing up.
  28. They are not giving us success,
  29. but you can earn it, you can take it,
  30. I need you to take!
  31. Don't let the distraction distract you.
  32. I wouldn't ever start skateboarding.
  33. So whatever you do man, don't give up, don't quit.
    Now listen to me closely.
  34. Just because you failed, doesn't make you a failure.
  35. And when life hits you...
  36. You gotta keep going, just don't quit.
  37. In order to achieve greatness, you have to go through a lot of pain.
  38. You definitely have setbacks.
  39. But in order to achieve that success, you have to push through.
  40. If you hit the oak tree a thousand times
    in thousand different spots, what's gonna happen?
  41. Absolutely nothing.
  42. But if you hit oak tree a thousand times in the exact same spot.
  43. You know what's gonna happen? You gonna bring it down.
  44. You gonna do the impossible.
  45. You are not only a special person created in a special time,
  46. you got some special inside you.
  47. You have to believe, that you can do something that nobody else has done.
  48. And somehow that concept has to become a reality.
  49. You got greatness all inside you.
  50. But your problem is you're scared, you get soft.
  51. And every time it get hard, you quit and you give up.
  52. And I'm telling you,
    if you be willing to fight your way through it,
  53. If you be willing to fight your way through this battle,
    fight your way through cancer,
  54. fight your way through the academic struggle,
  55. fight your way through devorse,
  56. fight your way through it.
  57. If it was easy, everybody would do it.
  58. You gotta fight your way through it,
  59. you gotta fight the fear, because guess what, fear ain't bigger than you.
  60. If you going to win the fight of your life, you can't be afraid to fight.
  61. What exactly was hurting on your body?
  62. I think my foot is broken and my shoulder and my back,
    everything feels pretty broke right now.
  63. The doctor tried me to get to not skate,
    basically I told them, he's got to fight me.
  64. Are you gonna be taking fourth and fifth run?
  65. I'm taking every run.
  66. How are you able to muster up strength
    to even come back out here and take another run?
  67. I don't know what it is...
    it's inside me, but it's a lot of determination,
  68. it's a fire that's just keep burning.
  69. Fear, you're not going to stop me.
  70. I've got too far, I've come to far to give up now.
  71. You gotta believe in yourself,
    you gotta believe in your dream
  72. You gotta believe one day is going to be your moment,
    one day you gonna own the moment,
  73. Listen to me, impossible is just a big word, thrown around by small man.
  74. Many of you right now, life's got you up against the rope.
  75. You can't give up, you can't give in.
  76. Listen to me, if it would be easy everybody would do it.
  77. You got this far, if you just wanna quit,
    you should quit a long time ago.
  78. You got to far, you've come to far to quit now.
  79. Shown that nothing is impossible
  80. First in in the history of this sport. This is a double flair by Kevin Robinson
  81. Mat Hoffman No-Handed 900
  82. Tony Hawk lands the first 900
  83. Travis Pastrana's Double Backflip
  84. Subtitled by usertim