Meeting Goals

Connect major stakeholders from projects, organizations, and movements that have open subtitling needs or focus.

Identify ways to solve stakeholder subtitling needs and be aware of existing technology that can be leveraged. Find logical places for collaboration/cooperation.

Move towards standardizing solutions and pushing forward the state of the art in open subtiting.


Participants will include: video creators and producers, end-users, representatives from major video hosting services, standards engineers, accessibility advocates, open source developers, educational leaders, and other individuals and organizations with a stake in the subtitling world. We'll make a roster available when the event draws closer.

Attendees are selected by invitation; however, if you or your organization would like to participate, please contact:


September 29th and 30th, beginning at 9am on both days.


The summit will be held at the beautiful Open Plans penthouse in Soho, which is located at 148 Lafayette St, Floor 12, New York City. (map)


The focus of this summit is increased availability and better usability for captions and subtitles, which are both sorely needed. It comes at a critical time, as internet video usage is skyrocketing—people who rely on captions are threatened to be left behind. New users from every culture are coming online en masse; standardizing and ubiquitizing the technology can make potential audiences exponentially larger and messages can cross cultural boundaries more easily. More captions will also make it simpler for computers to process, index, and make sense of the ever growing sea of online video.

Organizers, Facilitators, Sponsors


The Participatory Culture Foundation is organizing the summit. Their most recent project, Amara, makes open source and collaborative subtitling and translation easy.


Aspiration is providing facilitation and agenda design. Aspiration believes that face-to-face events are the most powerful way to facilitate interaction, build networks, and collaborate.


The summit has been generously funded by the Open Society Institute.

Special thanks to Open Plans for providing meeting space!