Chi è Schiavo

Chi è Schiavo

Here it is! Our first short movie!!

"We get to a point in our lives where we inevitably become adults and we have to start a job. But who is it for? For us? For the people we love? Without acknowledging we start hurrying towards retirement, the day when finally we don't need to work anymore.
But... Wait a minute... At that point we'll notice that the majority of our life is gone, our youth... We worked every day for a faceless boss who ate our time... Doing so we lost the journey...
And now that we are here? What do we do now? We can't go back and there is no second race that we can join..."

Writer and director: Mariasole Piccininno
Executive producer: Martina Tondi
Animation and direction of photography: Alex Morelli
Storyboard artist: Irina Scimia
Post production and editing: Marta Giuliano
Voce: Louise Antonello
Fonico: Filippo Munari

Brano: La Tatuata Bella
Artista: Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti
Album: Rarities
© La Tempesta Dischi
℗ La Tempesta Dischi

The director wants to thank:
Her family, Chiara Pintus and Marta Orlando

Also many thanks to:
AWARE, Officina 15

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