Amy's VLOG from A Series of Unfortunate People, Ep. # 6 (Dangerously Clean)

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Amy feels the cleaning lady smells of bleach and B.S. <br />Amy… LEYNA JULIET WEBER / Interviewer… ANNIE LUKOWSKI<br /><br />Episodes air every Monday including guests: Kym Whitley, Darren Sharper (New Orleans Saints), Keegan-Michael Key, Lindsay Hollister, Randall Park, David A. Arnold, Beth Shea, & Leyna Juliet Weber.<br /><br />This Vlog from “Dangerously Clean” was directed by Annie Lukowski, and written by Leyna Juliet Weber, Beth Shea & Annie Lukowski.<br /><br />Manny Reveles (Editor), Daphne Wu (DP), Charles Uy (1st AD & UPM), Blas Kisic (Sound).