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  1. [Upbeat music.]
  2. Grams' cream tuna on toast.
  3. 1/4 cup butter, 1/4 cup flour,
    2 cups milk,
  4. 2 cans drained tuna,
  5. salt and pepper,
  6. bread to toast.
  7. Hey, guys.
  8. This is Sal, from
    "You Gotta Eat."
  9. I'm going to make
    one of my favorite dishes,
  10. that my grandmother,
    Theresa, used to make.
  11. Creamed tuna on toast.
  12. So, let's start this recipe.
  13. We gotta make a roux.
  14. First thing we're going to do is,
  15. quarter stick of butter...
  16. Actually it's a HALF stick of butter.
  17. Drop these in there.
  18. Let them melt down.
  19. A little bit at a time,
    so your roux doesn't clump.
  20. Now we're going to
    whisk in the flour.
  21. If it ever decides
    to come out of the cup.
  22. Alright. We're
    whisking that in.
  23. [Woman] Whisking a little?
    You dumped the whole thing in.
  24. [Woman laughs.]
  25. Alright. You can do that, too.
  26. [Music.]
  27. [Woman] When you're making
    a roux,
  28. and you're incorporating liquid in,
  29. you want to make sure
  30. that the liquid doesn't clump up.
  31. So, Sal is going to start pouring in
  32. the next ingredient.
  33. Which is...
  34. [Sal] milk!
  35. "Does a body good."
  36. Alright. A little at a time.
  37. I remember my grandmother
    making this for me,
  38. when I was younger.
  39. She actually showed me how
    to make it, one time.
  40. But, this is one of my
    favorite dishes, that she made.
  41. It is also an inexpensive
    dish to make.
  42. Alright.
  43. At this point, you can start
    adding salt and pepper to taste.
  44. Do it to your liking.
  45. I am not a big salt guy, but
  46. we can add it as we go.
  47. And a little pepper.
  48. [Pepper mill grinds.]
  49. Alright. Now, at this point,
  50. I already have my toast
    in the toaster,
  51. so I'm just going to
    drop it down.
  52. Get that going.
  53. Turn my heat up a little bit.
  54. Now I'm adding
    my tuna fish.
  55. You can also substitute
  56. canned chicken,
  57. canned salmon,
  58. or fresh lump crab meat.
  59. Now, we just
    watch it thicken.
  60. [Woman] I'm sure you've got
  61. someone there who is interested
  62. in any droppings, that might
    come her way.
  63. Right, Zee?
  64. You can see it
    getting thicker, already.
  65. This is something that
    is good for a cold winter day,
  66. or a rainy day.
  67. Alright, so. We waited a few minutes.
  68. I took a fork, because
    i wanted to break up, a little bit,
  69. more of the bigger pieces
    of the tuna fish.
  70. It's really starting to
    thicken up, now.
  71. Toast is done.
  72. So, I'm going to
    shut this off, now.
  73. Alright?
  74. Take it off the heat
    for a second.
  75. Grab my toast.
  76. [Toast clatters
    against the plate.]
  77. Alright.
  78. You want to make sure,
  79. before you put it
    on your toast,
  80. that you put enough
    salt and pepper in it,
  81. that it is seasoned good.
  82. Alright.
    It's delicious. Alright.
  83. Now, I'm going to
  84. pour it right over
    the toast.
  85. [Music.]
  86. Alright? Beautiful.
  87. There you have it.
  88. [Spoon scrapes pan.]
  89. Grandma Theresa's
  90. creamed tuna on toast.
  91. I almost forgot to wish
  92. all the mothers out there
  93. a happy Mother's Day,
  94. including my own.
  95. Judy.
  96. Happy Mother's Day.
  97. And, to my beautiful
    and loving wife, Kelly.
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  102. [Music.]