A Series of Unfortunate People Director's Diary

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Follow director, Annie Lukowski, on the set of “A Series of Unfortunate People” (S.O.U.P.) Annie details her plans for a day’s shoot, and how she will accomplish them. Annie has directed all of WorkingBug’s projects including “Road to the Altar,” and the entire “Random Comedies” series (starring Kym Whitley, Michael Urie, Randall Park, David A. Arnold, & Leyna Juliet Weber).<br /><br />S.O.U.P. airs every Monday including guests: Kym Whitley, Darren Sharper (New Orleans Saints), Keegan-Michael Key, Richard Riehle, Lindsay Hollister, Randall Park, David A. Arnold, Beth Shea, & Leyna Juliet Weber.<br /><br />S.O.U.P. was directed by Annie Lukowski, and written by Leyna Juliet Weber, Beth Shea & Annie Lukowski.<br /><br />Manny Reveles (Editor), Matt Gulley (DP), Charles Uy (1st AD & UPM), Blas Kisic (Sound).