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  3. Hi! I'm Annie Lukowski,
  4. the director of "A Series of Unfortunate People."
  5. Today, we are shooting "Dangerously Clean."
  6. She said I was illiterate,
  7. and she called me a smelly prostitute!
  8. We're shooting splits today.
  9. Splits are, by far, the best.
  10. We shoot half-day, half-night.
  11. So, you're not shooting throughout the night,
  12. and then you're not getting up at 6 AM.
  13. I highly recommend to write split days.
  14. Charles!
  15. -Yes? -Time?
  16. Um, you know, let's --
  17. I'm just going to do a performance change.
  18. This is co-producer, Leyna Weber.
  19. -Hi! -Hi.
  20. Well, we're doing a lot of vlogs.
  21. In-character vlogs allow the actors
  22. to get into their character,
  23. and really explore the voice of their character.
  24. And it gives them more screen time.
  25. Which they love!
  26. you know when I ask her to do anything,
  27. even if it’s small, and, you know,
  28. it’s within her job description,
  29. it’s like, ‘Hehn! Huhn!’
  30. It's 2:30. We're moving along.
  31. We're shooting day for night.
  32. So, we just blocked out the windows.
  33. You're going to set fire to the kitchen.
  34. And that's what we're going to do!
  35. Okay. Bye!
  36. We're on our last scene of the night.
  37. Um, we were waiting for the sunset.
  38. It's nice and dark outside.
  39. It's our action sequence.
  40. A little fight sequence going on -- lots of fun!
  41. Hopefully, the actors won't really carve each other up.
  42. 85.
  43. Let's do it again.
  44. A little more.
  45. Keep it going.
  46. One more time.
  47. Cool. Great!
  48. Great! Okay so, let's just do some fighting.
  49. Okay, good. Did you get some really good tights?
  50. Good!
  51. We just wrapped our first day.
  52. "Dangerously Clean" went very well.
  53. We had about 32 setups, 3 cast members, 15 crew.
  54. Thanks for watching!
  55. See you tomorrow. Bye!
  57. There are so many unfortunate people in the world.
  58. People you know and love.
  59. And the ones you just f*cking hate.
  60. Earthquake!
  61. Yeah! It is an earthquake!
  62. Now what?
  63. I'm sure you're hung like a horse.
  64. You married the whiny bitch!
  65. Eh-uh-mm-mn!
  66. Our short webseries tells these stories.
  67. Real stories.
  68. Well, we made them up,
  69. but they’ll remind you of folks you know.
  70. Which is much more painful.
  71. And they sodomize you at the valet.
  72. You think I'm a prostitute?
  73. This seriously hurts my titties.
  74. Mine too!
  75. You have lovely skin.
  76. This online original
  77. exposes the truth.
  78. Share them on Twitter.
  79. Forward them passive aggressively.
  80. Spread them like a bad rash.
  81. She has a condition.
  82. It's so wet!
  83. We had a lot of last minute cancellations.
  84. Didn't they know we were coming?
  85. They did.
  86. I've got a bum knee and a broken vagina -- ticket that!
  87. We'd listen, if only we cared.
  88. We don't know which way to turn.
  89. We hide.
  90. Disguise ourselves.
  91. Y'all gonna put that girl through all of that bullsh*t?
  92. Speaking of horse c*ck,
  93. Discovery did a great show on bestiality.
  94. You gotta love Discovery.
  95. All the great things they're doing.
  96. A Series of Unfortunate People.
  97. You deserve oral sex!
  98. But he said that was --
  99. -- impossible?
  100. That is was just a --
  101. --scam?
  102. (SMACK!)