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  1. I first started to express my inner child
  2. you know, in like small little vignettes of my life.
  3. And, um...here she is.
  4. Hi!
  5. AAAA!
  6. That’s, just like...ah, yeah.
  7. That’s all she says.
  8. She just sort of nods and - LAAAA!
  9. Which was like the first six years of my life.
  10. But then she got a little bit more of a voice going.
  11. Um, when the big, bad mom came around.
  12. You’re a big, fat acne monster!
  13. That’s...that’s...there she is.
  14. I mean, that’s just what she says. Uh, things like that.
  15. Go to hell!
  16. No! No, I wanna go to Broadway!
  17. You’re gonna work the corner of 42nd street
  18. at the rate you’re goin’!
  19. Mom, don’t talk to me like that! Mom, you never listen!
  20. Mom?
  21. And then often she would just disappear completely.
  22. For, like, months at a time, really.
  23. Where did everybody go?
  24. Suck my dick!
  25. That helps you?
  26. You know, um, it offers me comfort.
  27. That’s, that’s why it’s not a good idea to play w-with, uh...
  28. Not a good idea.
  29. No.
  30. Our short webseries tells these stories.
  31. Real stories.
  32. You married the whiny bitch.
  33. Well, we made them up
  34. but they’ll remind you of folks you know.
  35. Speaking of horse c*ck
  36. This seriously hurts my titties.
  37. Mine too!
  38. She has a condition.
  39. She does.
  40. It’s so wet!
  41. A Series of Unfortunate People
  42. We’re gonna need back up.
  43. The walls are closing in on me!
  44. Now.