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  1. Any person outside the medical field
  2. that is giving out diagnosis?
  3. That is a problem.
  4. Really?
  5. For instance, I had a patient today
  6. and I mean I won’t go into her name because of, you know
  7. patient-doctor confidentiality -- that kind of thing.
  8. I don’t wanna get sued.
  9. This patient would have to be required to be registered.
  10. "Predatory Diagnoser."
  11. She will not be allowed to be within 20 miles
  12. of a hospital, old folks’ home, a daycare, a hospice, a half-way house,...
  13. ...Charlie Sheen.
  14. Dr. Kent, do you do a lot of this type of work?
  15. You know, there’s all types of interventions.
  16. Um, for instance, there was this young lady who was, y’know
  17. pushing 400 pounds.
  18. This has nothing to do with diagnosing alcohol...
  19. She’s eating!
  20. She’s a porker!
  21. I mean, you know, I mean, I’m not like the thinnest person.
  22. You know, her family...
  23. I mean, they were at the point where they were gonna have to cut her out of the house.
  24. Just pull her on out.
  25. I mean, she’s huge!
  26. So, they called themselves together for an intervention.
  27. And the family is catering the event!
  28. Oh, we’re talking about vats of macaroni and cheese,
  29. fried shrimp, fried chicken.
  30. That’s like giving a crackhead crack.
  31. Same thing, the same thing.
  32. A meth-head meth, you know.
  33. Pass around the meth, you know.
  34. But you know, it all really, really smelled
  35. smelled very good. You know?
  36. So, I of course, uh...I couldn’t help it!
  37. You know I...I didn’t really do well with that intervention.
  38. I didn’t mean to really get that detailed with you.
  39. You're pretty nosy though, aren’t you? You talk a lot.
  40. Our short webseries tells these stories.
  41. Real stories.
  42. You married the whiny bitch.
  43. Well, we made them up
  44. but they’ll remind you of folks you know.
  45. Speaking of horse c*ck
  46. This seriously hurts my titties.
  47. Mine too!
  48. She has a condition.
  49. She does.
  50. It’s so wet!
  51. A Series of Unfortunate People
  52. We’re gonna need back up.
  53. The walls are closing in on me!
  54. Now.