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  1. You can't be starting with Lewis and Clark
  2. cause we cut a path through MCs
  3. like a walk in the park
  4. then give 'em back a whole stack
  5. of maps and accurate charts
  6. showing exactly where our footprints
  7. on their buttocks are marked
  8. we're two traveling wordsmiths
  9. spitting hotter than a furnace
  10. and we'll own you on the mic
  11. like the Louisiana Purchase
  12. you're worthless
  13. your future selves should'a told you that
  14. now go back in time and give
  15. Doctor Who his phone booth back
  16. we discovered bears and beavers
  17. and prairie dogs and weasels
  18. rattlesnakes and catfish
  19. owls, larks and eagles
  20. and plus flora galore
  21. and according to our observations
  22. these two dickweeds right here
  23. are severely endangered
  24. we inspired pioneers
  25. and travelers near and far
  26. you inspired air guitar
  27. and Dude Where's My Car
  28. we conquered much greater dangers
  29. in our trek through Mother Nature
  30. so step off
  31. but tell Bill's stepmom
  32. don't be a stranger
  33. Bill's mom is hot
  34. but that joke was most heinous
  35. I've heard better insults
  36. drop from Socrates' anus
  37. that's my step mom Ted
  38. let's keep it excellent between us
  39. and show these boy scouts
  40. how it goes in San Dimas
  41. we're quick when we spit
  42. like Billy the Kid with his guns
  43. and you'll be verbally kicked
  44. in the nut-Sacagawea puns
  45. a teen mom carried you and your troops
  46. they should have let the baby lead
  47. and put you in the papoose
  48. and if those native dudes knew
  49. what white dudes were gonna do
  50. they woulda stopped you in Dakota
  51. they should totally Sioux
  52. why don't you go back to exploring
  53. Napoleon's old swamps
  54. or you'll discover your Corps
  55. most triumphantly stomped
  56. Did you hear that Meriwether?
  57. I think they mean to brawl
  58. I'll take Neo
  59. I'll take the one that
  60. no one knows at all
  61. from the falls of Black Eagle
  62. to the Pacific
  63. we put the dis in dysentery
  64. cause we spit sick...
  65. without Rufus you'd be useless
  66. on the trails we blazed
  67. you couldn't navigate your way
  68. out of a Circle K
  69. send over Garth and Wayne
  70. because you turkeys aren't worthy
  71. suffering your raps is a
  72. most bogus journey
  73. Man they totally burned us
  74. I feel like such a doofus
  75. what do we do
  76. I don't know
  77. be excellent
  78. Rufus!
  79. he's right dude
  80. we don't have to take this kind of abuse
  81. from some Paul Bunyan dudes
  82. in potato sack shoes
  83. you rode a river one direction
  84. we travel four dimensions
  85. rescue bodacious babes
  86. and get back for detention
  87. I've seen your future Mr. Lewis
  88. and I don't want to be rude
  89. but spoiler alert
  90. you totally kill yourself dude
  91. so we offer you peace
  92. with these resplendent medallions
  93. and we claim this battle
  94. for the Wyld Stallyns
  95. Who won?
  96. Who's next?
  97. You decide