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  1. Do not leave me.
  2. We have to forget
  3. all that can be forgotten,
  4. that which has already passed:
  5. to forget the times
  6. of misunderstandings,
  7. to forget the hours
  8. that sometimes killed
  9. the happiness of heart
  10. each jab asking "why?".
  11. (Just) don't leave me.
  12. Don't leave me...
  13. Do not leave me.
  14. I could give you
  15. pearls of the showers
  16. that have come from lands
  17. where it never rains.
  18. I would dig the earth,
  19. even after my death,
  20. to cover your body
  21. with gold and light.
  22. I will make a world
  23. where love will be king,
  24. where love is the ruling law,
  25. where you will be queen.
  26. (Just) don't leave me.
  27. Don't leave me...
  28. Don't leave me.
  29. I would invent
  30. nonsensical words
  31. that you will understand.
  32. I will speak of these past lovers
  33. who have twice seen
  34. their hearts set on fire.
  35. I will tell you the tale
  36. of this king,
  37. dead from never having
  38. been able to meet you.
  39. (Just) don't leave me.
  40. Don't leave me...
  41. Don't leave me.
  42. One has often seen
  43. spurts of fire
  44. from an old volcano
  45. once thought to be too old.
  46. They even say that
  47. burned lands yield more wheat
  48. than the best April.
  49. And when the evening comes,
  50. in order for the sky to blaze,
  51. the red and the black,
  52. do they not marry together?
  53. Don't leave me.
  54. Don't leave me...
  55. Don't leave me.
  56. I don't want to cry anymore.
  57. I don't want to talk anymore.
  58. I will hide over there
  59. to watch you
  60. dance and smile,
  61. and to hear you
  62. sing and then laugh.
  63. Let me become
  64. the shadow of your shadow,
  65. the shadow of your hand,
  66. (even just) the shadow of your dog.
  67. (Just) don't leave me.
  68. Don't leave me...