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← [TRANSLATED] Shaka Zulu vs Julius Caesar. Epic Rap Battles of History. [CC]

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  1. Iwisa meet Caesar
  2. he's a commander
  3. who thinks he can dance with
  4. Conan of the Savanna
  5. but when I go hand to hand with you
  6. I go hammer
  7. knock off his dome
  8. wrap it up in his own banner
  9. send it back to Rome
  10. with a message from the Zulu
  11. if you battle Shaka
  12. this will happen to you
  13. if you cross that equator
  14. you'll head straight into a massacre
  15. and get fucked by more than
  16. just Cleopatra in Africa
  17. You talk a lot of shit
  18. for a man wearing a diaper
  19. I heard you had poison spit
  20. where was it in this cypher?
  21. cause all I hear is threats
  22. from a brute with no discipline
  23. and I'm ruling over you
  24. like a boot full of my citizens
  25. you should take your cow skin shield
  26. and hide under it
  27. you're fucking with the most triumphant
  28. third of the triumvirate
  29. I'm first of the empire
  30. and last of the republicans
  31. and hunting you accompanied
  32. by legions of my countrymen
  33. ask my kidnappers if I'm just a shit talker
  34. Doc J dunk on you like
  35. Boom Shakalaka
  36. so don't go rattling your sticks at me
  37. if I wanted to shake spears
  38. I'd waggle my biography
  39. Right I've heard of your play
  40. tell me how does it end?
  41. oh yes
  42. you get stabbed many times by your friends
  43. so whatcha gonna do
  44. with your Roman swords
  45. when the lines of your legions
  46. get gored by the horns of the
  47. Zulu
  48. warriors!
  49. trained on thorns
  50. to dismember any emperor's
  51. pasty white hoards
  52. I got the strength of a lion
  53. and the speed of a cheetah
  54. and everyone knows
  55. you're just a chicken Caesar
  56. Oooh can I be a hyena?
  57. cause I'm going to laugh
  58. I'll pave roads with the bones
  59. of your goat-herding ass
  60. first my front lines will drop back
  61. and spank you in the chest
  62. then I'll decimate your horns
  63. you can't outflank the best
  64. let your reserves come at me
  65. my ballista's cocked and ready
  66. when I take aim
  67. I always keep my whole crew steady
  68. because there's no use in
  69. murdering you and your heathen
  70. you can grow my wheat for me
  71. after you're beaten
  72. Who won?
  73. Who's next?
  74. You decide