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  2. During that contest...
  3. [Okky Lukman, actrees] When people see me going to
    my High School, they can't resist calling pretty!
  4. Ah, that's nothing to brag about!
  5. Ouch... I'm full up!
  6. I can't reach it! Sister Tanti!
  7. Oh no, they're still green!
  8. Sister Tan, I'm preparing these... Mangoes for us both,
  9. But I'm not allowed to eat salt,
    so please add it later to your share, Okay?
  10. Sugar is still allowed,
    but I'm supposed to limit my daily salt intake.
  11. We ran out of fresh fruits
    so I'm having these mangoes instead.
  12. So today it's going to be...
    Everything's scheduled, you know?
  13. Surely I won't be fasting today,
    and for dinner it will be... Steamed chicken!
  14. What was it yesterday, Sister Mar? Ah, wings!
    / Yes, you fried them.
  15. Eew... They looked, felt, and tasted horible
    when steamed! So I have them fried.
  16. Fried meat is allowable,
    but usually I have grilled fish instead.
  17. so I used up my oil allowance to fry the wings.
  18. Maybe I'll go on diet when I get a boyfriend!
  19. I disagree, you shouldn't wait until you slim down
    before getting a boyfriend.
  20. Get a boyfriend first!
  21. Get a boyfriend first then slim down later?
  22. That'll be a bonus for the guy!
    / Yeah right...
  23. So if I'm single I don't need to go on a diet?
  24. Surely you know Denada? She used to be quite plump.
  25. Then she went through quite some workouts, aerobics,
  26. and dance classes such as Jaipong
    and I don't know what else.
  27. Those really shape her up, plus a strict diet,
  28. her figure used to be flabby,
    but now she's super slim and totally gorgeous!
  29. Ah, looking at her really inspires me,
  30. I feel like I could stop eating for good!
  31. Yeah! They're much looser now!
  32. They used to be a bit too tight but now, isn't it great?
  33. My trousers would feel too tight at times
    when I gain a bit more weight than usual.
  34. Then I will have to try and lose some weight
    so they become again comfortable to wear.
  35. Now I just tried these and they feel so roomy.
    Oh, what a nice feeling!
  36. I once heard this reported on the radio,
  37. I you don't want to gain too much weight,
    then don't be friend obese people, because...
  38. Who would want me then?
  39. Because they'll influence you to overeat!
    / Amen to that!
  40. Hey, you're going too far with this!
    Stop this right now, I mean it!
  41. Out of my way!
    I'm just fetching myself a drink here!
  42. Still following? I'm going totake a dump!
    / Yes I am!
  43. Follow me then, if you dare!
  44. Actually, I met Bagus at a chatting site, it's called MIG.
  45. Many kinds of boys approached me and confessed to me,
  46. Because I had a misleadingly gorgeous photo of myself.
  47. Bagus was also deceived!
  48. This is why you should take pictures from higher angle,
  49. See? My chin looks thinner from this angle.
  50. Instead from this angle,
  51. See? I'm totally chubby now!
  52. Or from this angle,
  53. See? Same old fat me! Eeew!
  54. He must have thought I was slim,
    or at least he didn't care about my weight,
  55. from when we first contacted each other,
    exchanging messages, whatnots,
  56. until we finally met in person.
  57. And we were not like others.
    Who meet up after only a month of chatting.
  58. A year and five months have passed
    before the day of our first encounter.
  59. So it didn't happen
    until we were really sure we should meet.
  60. I prefer we ride a motorbike instead...
  61. It's more fun!
    / It's too hot outside!
  62. I don't know where the entry is.
    / I don't know either!
  63. Is this place any good?
  64. So this is the way down.
  65. Should we go right or left?
  66. There it is!
  67. You're right, dear.
    It's so nice here.
  68. Aren't you ashamed, dear?
    / Why ashamed?
  69. Well, because of me?
  70. Haven't I told you this many times before?
  71. A slim body or pretty face
    has nothing to do with a good heart.
  72. I'm hungry again!
    / Yeah, that's all you can think of!
  73. So be it! What, you have a problem with that?
  74. You should think of your body too.
  75. Are you sure, dear?
    / I am.
  76. So you'd prefer I get thinner?
    / No, what makes you think so?
  77. Didn't you just telling me to slim down?
  78. It'd be nice if you do
    but I was telling you to look after your body.
  79. What is there to look?
  80. Well, watch what you eat.
    Go on diet but nothing too extreme.
  81. You didn't let me go on diet last time!
  82. Of course not! That was extreme!
  83. That was extreme?
    / Right, you are.
  84. So what is not extreme then?
  85. Well, I guess you should just focus
    on lowering your fat intake.
  86. But you and I keep eating out!
  87. Nothing is wrong with that.
  88. So you won't stay with me if I keep getting fatter?
  89. Pardon?
    / Will you dump me if I get any fatter?
  90. I don't care if you do!
  91. Here, wear this...
  92. Looks good
    / Really?
  93. Hey, that one there is cool!
  94. There! Look from here!
    Why don't we go there next?
  95. Yeah, we must go there next!
    / Alright, we're going there.
  96. Come on!
  97. Yeah, we did exchange photos.
  98. And she cheated.
  99. Hers were taken
    from clever angles,
  100. which made her
    look much slimmer.
  101. Well, after a while,
  102. she opened up and
    in all honesty she admitted to me,
  103. that she weights no less than Okky Lukman.
  104. In return, I told her it was nothing.
  105. "I love you not for your weight,
  106. but I love you for you are good-hearted"
  107. I still want to be with you, dear!
    I'm not going!
  108. I really don't want to leave!
    I'm crying here!
  109. I consider Bagus my life partner already.
  110. I hate it when you're judged by your appearance.
  111. All I know, Bagus is the one
    who could make me feel comfortable,
  112. who understands me and takes me as I am.
  113. Check this out guys!
    Ass: humongous!
  114. Hey, just a sec!
  115. Boobs: Whoa!
  116. Get a mirror!
    I won't take that from you!