"Taboo" - Ep. 4 of RANDOM COMEDIES

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Chuck’s dinner party goes amuck with a game gone wrong.<br /><br />Chuck’s new girlfriend, Whitney, has a different game strategy for Taboo -- it’s a questionable relationship strengthener.<br /><br /> “TABOO” is Episode #4 of “Random Comedies” a six-episode webseries of unrelated comic shorts. For the serial web surfer craving smart comedies without back-story, the creators of A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE PEOPLE and ROAD TO THE ALTAR bring this hilarious mash-up. New episodes air every Monday, accompanied by juicy extras. This episode stars: Leyna Juliet Weber, Traci Dinwiddie, Gene Augusto, and Darren Capozzi.<br /><br />TABOO was written by Leyna Juliet Weber and Gene Augusto. Other episodes of “Random Comedies” star Weber alongside guests including: Michael Urie, Kym Whitley, David A. Arnold, and Randall Park.<br /><br />Annie Lukowski (Director), Manny Reveles (Editor), John Harrison (DP).