Series of Unfortunate People, Ep. #8 - Me Me Me

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One day you wake up, realize you married one of these, and wonder why no one stopped you.<br /><br />“Me Me Me” is Episode #8 of “A Series of Unfortunate People” (S.O.U.P.), an eight-episode webseries dramatizing those special folks in our lives that demand copious amounts of care and attention. New episodes air every Monday, accompanied by juicy in-character vlogs from those who suffer most. This episode stars: Beth Shea, Leyna Juliet Weber, and Randall Park.<br /><br />S.O.U.P. was written by Annie Lukowski, Beth Shea, & Leyna Juliet Weber. Each ‘sode stars Weber & Shea alongside stars including: Kym Whitley, Darren Sharper (New Orleans Saints), Keegan-Michael Key, Richard Riehle, David A. Arnold, Lindsay Hollister, Willam Belli, and Randall Park.<br /><br />Annie Lukowski (Director), Manny Reveles (Editor), Matt Gulley (DP), Keisha Knowles (1st AD), Matt Burgette (Sound).