A Series of Unfortunate People - Blooper Reel (#1 of 2)

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BLOOPERS! Watch the actors struggle to keep straight faces while cracking up one another. Director Annie Lukowski shepherds the madness. This is the first of two blooper reels to be released by WorkingBug for “A Series of Unfortunate People” – (S.O.U.P.) Kym Whitley, Darren Sharper (NFL Saints), Richard Riehle, Keegan-Michael Key, Lindsay Hollister, Willam Belli, David A. Arnold, Randall Park, Beth Shea & Leyna Juliet Weber enjoy some of their less graceful moments, all in a day’s work.<br /><br />S.O.U.P. is an eight-episode webseries dramatizing those special folks in our lives that demand copious amounts of care and attention. New episodes air every Monday, accompanied by juicy in-character vlogs from those who suffer most.<br /><br />S.O.U.P. was written by Annie Lukowski, Beth Shea, & Leyna Juliet Weber. Each ‘sode stars Weber & Shea alongside a bevy of guest stars (see above).<br /><br />Annie Lukowski (Director), Manny Reveles (Editor), Matt Gulley & Daphne Wu (DP’s), Charles Uy (1st AD & UPM), Blas Kisic (Sound).