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  1. So other than the description, hm, it
    looks like you changed style1 to style!
  2. .
    >> [LAUGH] Huh, oh, yeah, I did do that.
  3. That wasn't intentional.
  4. I was going to change my stylesheet, but
  5. then at the last minute,
    I decided not to.
  6. I think I made a mistake.
  7. >> Yeah, sounds like a typo.
  8. So what happens if you fix that?
  9. >> Let's try it.
  10. Cool, it worked.
  11. >> Great.
    >> You know,
  12. it's kind of annoying doing it manually.
  13. Is there any way to get
    the computer to help me?
  14. >> Yeah, there are some built in tools
    that can automatically compare files.
  15. I'll go over how to
    use these in a minute.
  16. >> Good thing I saved the old one then.
  17. >> Yeah, I'm glad you did.
  18. In a bigger project, having an old
    version saved can mean that you
  19. spend a few minutes finding
    your mistake instead of hours.