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  1. Oh is it me?
  2. well here's my first issue
  3. I barely even know enough about you
  4. to diss you
  5. but do you guys honestly think
  6. that I would screw this feud up
  7. and lose to the dude
  8. a huge toothie cootchie chewed up
  9. that's bananas
  10. I do damage when I brandish my katanas
  11. man I'll slice you up then vanish
  12. in my lady bug pajamas
  13. I'm one of a kind
  14. you're a xerox of your papa
  15. doing temp work for Vader
  16. and odd jobs for Jabba
  17. I'm tight, you're mad baggy
  18. I'm toned, you're so flappy
  19. mad cause Sam Jackson
  20. killed your clone daddy
  21. somebody oughta put a bounty
  22. on that cape
  23. maybe I'll write a letter
  24. and mail it in your face
  25. Good thing I keep Tums in the Slave 1
  26. cause your style makes me spacesick
  27. and your bars are like your old pal Cable
  28. fucking basic
  29. I'll smack a merc in the mouth
  30. if he doesn't quit running that lip off
  31. bitch who you calling clone
  32. you're a Deathstroke rip off
  33. you stole Spiderman's eyes and
  34. Snake Eyes' weapons
  35. you got Wolverine's powers
  36. man you're comic sloppy seconds
  37. that Dr. Killbrew dude
  38. needs to go back to med school
  39. cause right now
  40. you're no good to me Deadpool
  41. Ooooh, what's that?
  42. a missile backpack?
  43. well I guess you'll be alright
  44. if a fucking bird attacks
  45. presenting the most overrated character
  46. anyone ever saw
  47. with five lines in the trilogy
  48. and one of them was
  49. AAAH
  50. I only need five lines
  51. cause I look fucking great
  52. you look like someone
  53. spilled lasagna on your face
  54. but you're worth a lot to me
  55. if I bring you back dead
  56. schizophrenics pay triple
  57. one for each head
  58. who you calling schizophrenic?
  59. you've got two different voices
  60. you're like your holiday special man
  61. Full of bad choices.
  62. You think your chimichanga's hot
  63. but you couldn't be milder
  64. you should've made the choice to ditch
  65. the prick from Van Wilder
  66. And the coolest things about you
  67. got straight up abandoned
  68. you let a kiwi hold your gun
  69. and he fucked up your canon
  70. so maybe don't talk about movies
  71. cause you've got dick to say
  72. wrap that arm dart around Jar Jar
  73. and go far far away
  74. I'm a legend you're a trend
  75. you ain't got half the skills I've got
  76. I'll beat your ass with one eye closed
  77. Boba Fetty Wap
  78. and then I'll call Domino's
  79. she likes what I'm shaking
  80. she prefers my durasteel
  81. to your Canadian bacon
  82. now take a lesson
  83. from a genuine assassin
  84. who's blasting foes
  85. I come equipped with a full set of sick
  86. Mandalorian flows
  87. everybody knows
  88. you got that power of regeneration
  89. now run home and heal
  90. from this disintegration
  91. who won?
  92. who's next?
  93. you decide