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  1. (HONK! HONK!)
  2. Hey!
  3. Hi.
  4. Sorry.
  5. How are you?
  6. Oh, sorry about that.
  7. How you doing?
  8. Good!
  9. Okay, no.
  10. Tess didn’t tell me you were this pretty.
  11. Oh! Oh.
  12. Thank you.
  13. Shall we go?
  14. Yeah, she didn’t tell me much about you.
  15. Well, I hope whatever she said was good.
  16. You ready?
  17. I guess so.
  18. (CRUNCH!)
  19. Whoops!
  20. I’m sure it’s...it’s fine.
  22. Oh, F!
  23. I need to...sorry!
  24. Check my voicemail for the address of the restaurant.
  25. Okay.
  26. You have three new voice messages.
  27. Hey, babe! What’s up? It’s Frankie.
  28. Girl! G-d, you were so--
  29. (BEEP! New message.)
  30. Okay, so they’re going to drop the charges for the bar fight,
  31. and settle for--
  32. (BEEP! New message.)
  33. Hey girl! Text me if you need that relief phone call.
  34. Hope you’re not stuck with a total loser all night.
  35. Okay! P.F. Chang’s is 8500 La Cienega. Ciao!
  36. Do girls really do that?
  37. Oh, yeah.
  38. Why, has that happened to you?
  39. No! Never.
  40. Ooh, that’s it! Right up there.
  41. Okay.
  42. Why don’t you just pull up to valet, and I’ll take care of it?
  43. Oh, no. We’ll find something.
  44. I have some junk in the trunk, if you know what I mean.
  45. Ooh, look! That just opened up.
  46. Hey, would you hop out and hang onto that,
  47. and I’ll just flip a bitch?
  48. Flip a bitch?
  49. Yeah, pull a U-ie.
  50. Oh, okay.
  51. Thank you.
  52. What happened?
  53. This person almost ran me over.
  54. I tried to stop ‘em, but they weren’t having it.
  55. Well, didn’t you tell them you were holding our spot?
  56. Of course, I did!
  57. But you should have heard the way they talked to me.
  58. It was nothing less than abusive.
  59. Okay, I’m sorry.
  60. Yeah, me too!
  61. You’re a jerk!
  62. He’s no good, I say.
  63. Was that her?
  64. Maybe.
  65. Get in.
  66. What? Her voice was much deeper than that.
  67. Oh! This is perfect.
  68. I don’t know if you’re gonna fit in there.
  69. Why don’t we just valet?
  70. I can make it work.
  71. Hah--Oh! You know...Uh! Wait!
  72. Watch the curb!
  73. Let me get out. Let me get out and help you, alright?
  74. Thanks.
  75. Okay, wait a minute!
  76. Pull forward! There you go.
  77. I’m gonna pull back up and start again.
  78. I’m on it!
  79. You’re on this car is what you’re on.
  80. For the--Okay!
  81. For the love of G-d.
  82. Alright, just pull it--
  83. ‘Cuz I don’t wanna--I don’t wanna hit anything.
  84. I don’t want you to hit anything.
  85. How much? Mas or menos?
  86. Can you see me back here?
  87. Okay, go ahead.
  88. Okay. Pull forward.
  89. To the right. Okay.
  90. How the brakes doin’?
  91. More?
  92. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh!
  93. Huh!
  94. Now! To the left!
  95. Left.
  96. Oh, shoot. Sorry! That's right.
  97. Maybe we should just valet.
  98. Okay.
  99. Okay. Maybe.
  100. Alright!
  101. What I tell ya?
  102. Alright. I’ll go out and get some change for the meter.
  103. Oh, no, don’t worry about that.
  104. What do you mean?
  105. We’ll just put a bag over it.
  106. Huh?
  107. I do it all the time.
  108. Can you grab one back there?
  109. Are you serious?
  110. Mm-hm!
  111. I guess.
  112. Paper or plastic?
  113. Oh, either one.
  114. We’ll go with paper.
  115. This is probably gonna blow off.
  116. Well, use the plastic!
  117. Okay.
  118. Is there a plastic back here?
  119. Yes.
  120. Oh, there it is.
  121. No, I got it.
  122. Okay. It’s fine.
  123. Wait. We can't do this.
  124. Why not?
  125. Look, she’s gonna tell.
  126. Who is she gonna tell?
  127. The meter maid.
  128. Just let me pay for valet.
  129. Look.
  130. If you wanna blow three bucks, be my guest.
  131. FULL
  132. We just took our last car.
  133. -No! -Ah!
  134. What are we gonna do now?
  135. I know.
  136. I was a virgin. You took my virginity.
  137. Put these back?
  138. I’m gonna need the--
  139. Oh, wanna put this back?
  140. No, um...
  141. YAY!
  142. (Random Comedies stand alone.)
  143. You sprayed ass all over the toilet.
  144. (Don’t look for a connection.)
  145. (‘Cuz there’s none.)
  146. The customer with the white woman has decided...
  147. Can I call you “Whore”?
  148. Yeah, but I also have this sign, and I’m not gonna do that!
  149. (They’re just random.)