H&M and Zara: Can fast fashion be eco-friendly?

H&M and Zara: Can fast fashion be eco-friendly?

Producing clothing is bad for the environment, but fast fashion companies H&M and Zara have come out with eco-collections that claim to reduce the harms involved. They also say that they’re moving their whole brands in a more sustainable direction. But is it all greenwashing? 

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We're destroying our environment at an alarming rate. But it doesn't need to be this way. Our new channel Planet A explores the shift towards an eco-friendly world — and challenges our ideas about what dealing with climate change means. We look at the big and the small: What can we do and how the system needs to change. Every Friday we'll take a truly global look at how to get us out of this mess.


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Author: Amanda Coulson-Drasner
Video Editor: Henning Goll
Supervising Editor: Kiyo Dörrer

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Environment and Climate Change
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