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  1. Freeze
  2. I suggest you use your
  3. right to remain silent
  4. before I show your Gobot ass
  5. some Detroit violence
  6. I'm like an X-Wing commander
  7. cause I stay on target
  8. I take over these streets
  9. like I'm a farmers market
  10. I wonder where the Cyberdyne
  11. research went
  12. that they couldn't fix
  13. your funky Hans and Franz accent
  14. they sent you back to kill a child
  15. but he's defeating you still
  16. they should have made
  17. a time traveling morning after pill
  18. and I didn't think I had
  19. any feelings left inside me
  20. but my heart was surely broken
  21. after Terminator 3
  22. I'm RoboCop and I got the flow
  23. to beat roided out C-3PO
  24. I got the mic control like alt delete
  25. your move creep
  26. Wrong
  27. I have detailed files on
  28. the conclusion of your trilogy
  29. that movie failed Detroit
  30. worse than the automotive industry
  31. I am T-800 Cyberdyne systems model 101
  32. and I'll be sweeping up your robo-bits
  33. like paperclips when I'm done
  34. my rapping attack is a massive dispatch
  35. of bazookas and gats and grenades
  36. that rapidly bashes your brains
  37. and dismantles that puny pea shooter
  38. that fits in your leg
  39. we're not the same
  40. you peel away
  41. my perfect skin you find super computers
  42. you look like Krang
  43. wearing a cold press juicer
  44. they left off your balls
  45. when your suit was created
  46. I still love you Alex
  47. Bullshit
  48. your sex life is terminated
  49. based on my detailed analysis
  50. of the lyrical structure of battle raps
  51. it's time for your next shit verse
  52. and then
  53. I'll be back
  54. you don't know love
  55. you don't know honor
  56. you only know a programmed
  57. robot boner for John Connor
  58. OCP gave me the skills to wreck this
  59. I can't help it if I'm fresh
  60. it's my prime directive
  61. I'll punch through your face hole
  62. and rip out your vocal cords
  63. then mail your space helmet
  64. back to Geordi La Forge
  65. nice try
  66. but I'm too quick on the draw
  67. what can go wrong for you will creep
  68. Murphy's Law
  69. chill out dick wad
  70. your emotions are wrecking your flow
  71. I couldn't find a decent rhyme in your line
  72. if I was in search mode
  73. you're too slow
  74. I blow more steam through machines
  75. than a barista
  76. it's Judgment Day baby
  77. hasta la vista
  78. Who won?
  79. Who's next?
  80. You decide