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  1. Hi, I am Lateef McLeod,
  2. and I am a PhD candidate at the
    anthropology and social change program
  3. at California Institute
    for Integral Studies,
  4. and also the Vice President
    of the LEAD committee
  5. at the International Society for
    Augmentative and Alternative Communication.
  6. I am also a published poet
    with two books out,
  7. "A Declaration of a Body of Love"
  8. and "Whispers of Krip Love
    Shouts of Krip Revolution."
  9. I am also writing on a novel
    entitled "The Third Eye Is Crying."
  10. The first memory I have
    of disability discrimination or ableism
  11. is when I was at Marine World as a child,
  12. and I wanted to play
    on this big play structure jungle
  13. that they had,
    but I could not climb the rope slides
  14. to enter the play structure.
  15. This is my first vivid memory that I
    couldn't do things that other kids did,
  16. and I had a feeling of being left out.
  17. This feeling of being left out
    has followed me throughout my life
  18. as I observe that our society and culture
  19. is more accessible for temporary
    able-bodied people
  20. and not disabled people.
  21. The ADA has been a big
    difference in my life.
  22. Without its passing, I wouldn't be able
    to obtain my educational degrees
  23. like my Bachelor's in English
    from UC Berkeley
  24. and my Master's of Fine Arts
    in Creative Writing at Mills College.
  25. I also would not be able
    to currently pursue my doctorate
  26. in anthropology at California Institute
    for Integral Studies.
  27. Also, most importantly,
    the ADA is instrumental in getting
  28. us disabled people the accessibility
    to go into stores, restaurants,
  29. and other business establishments
    to fully engage in society.
  30. I think our society needs to have enough
    equity with disabled people's lives.
  31. We need equal access to housing,
  32. equal access to healthcare,
  33. and equal access to education.
  34. It's these we need free and available
    to anyone who needs them,
  35. especially disabled people,
    I think it will go a long way
  36. to improving the equity in society,
    especially around disabled people.
  37. I think we all can join or support
    disabled-led disability rights
  38. and disability justice organizations
  39. that are doing the work on improving
    the lives of disabled people.
  40. I would focus on people of color-led
    disabled organizations
  41. that focus on servicing people of color
    disabled communities.
  42. We still and need to for the organize
  43. and for a better society
    for disabled people,
  44. because we are not there yet.
  45. That we still need to organize
    and advocate for a better society
  46. for disabled people,
    because we are not there yet.