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  1. Are you tired
  2. of two geeks in mustaches?
  3. who can manage to be boring
  4. with explosions and crashes
  5. if you or the Lorax
  6. wanna bust like we do
  7. give us a call
  8. we're ready to defeat you
  9. Ghostbusters
  10. flow crushers
  11. get the job done
  12. spitting out the lyrics like
  13. we got one!
  14. get the people moving
  15. like the Statue of Liberty
  16. try to beat us in a battle?
  17. man you gotta be kidding me
  18. the delivery of Stantz stands straight
  19. like my main man's slinky
  20. I collect spores
  21. tell him bout the twinkie
  22. like your show
  23. it's all fluff and filler
  24. I'll kick your hiney man
  25. I'm a savage killer
  26. Wow your raps are just
  27. too wack to handle
  28. let's do it like we do
  29. on the Discovery Channel
  30. your science is preposterous
  31. the opposite of competent process
  32. and in this episode
  33. we'll give you a synopsis
  34. starting with the vacuum cleaners
  35. strapped up on your back
  36. it's a fact
  37. positrons don't react like that
  38. you built a laser grid
  39. with no safety switch
  40. and Walter Peck was right
  41. that's some shady shit
  42. good thing you work in a firehouse
  43. cause you just got burned
  44. you are poor scientists
  45. and that's confirmed
  46. That's enough from the walrus
  47. and dickless the clown
  48. let's show these myth bitches
  49. how we do it downtown
  50. grab your stick
  51. hold'n
  52. heat'em up
  53. smoking
  54. high speed shows your ass
  55. get beat in slow motion
  56. we roast show hosts
  57. when our flows cross streams
  58. pumping out blockbusters
  59. while you work behind the scenes
  60. it's a rap test dummy
  61. and you're both getting crashed
  62. we came
  63. we saw
  64. we kicked your ass
  65. Ghosts aren't real
  66. but it should be said
  67. it's time to bring the B-team
  68. back from the dead
  69. things are getting scary
  70. when Tory Grant and Kari
  71. come harder than Ray
  72. when that ghost popped his cherry
  73. we reject your flows
  74. and substitute our own
  75. why'd you stop?
  76. I couldn't think of a rhyme
  77. well just say the first thing
  78. that pops into your mind
  79. Yo raise up it's Stay Puft
  80. I stay fluff
  81. blaze chumps and flip Kari
  82. butter side up
  83. I smother Ghostbusters in fluffernutter
  84. I don't play
  85. show these dweebs
  86. how to rock a beret
  87. I live so large
  88. you can't harsh my mellow
  89. just one step
  90. took me out the ghetto
  91. you best be afraid
  92. of my marshmallow flows
  93. cause Big Puft just turned
  94. all you bitches to toast
  95. Who won?
  96. Who lost?
  97. You decide