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  1. ¡Hola! Bienvenidos de nuevo a mi canal.
  2. Hoy hablaré de un tema que me encanta.
    Llevo tiempo queriéndolo hacer.
  3. Hablaremos de iluminación.
  4. Compartiré algunas ideas
    para conseguir una iluminación diferente.
  5. Este espacio es muy pequeño,
    así que tenedlo en cuenta.
  6. Que no os limite el tamaño de la habitación
    en la que estéis.
  7. Antes de meternos de lleno en el asunto,
  8. Quiero agradecer a nuestro patrocinador
    de hoy (miau) la casa inteligente
  9. Vamos a utilizar sus dispositivos
    para conseguir que los montajes
  10. más prácticos e intuitivos.
  11. Ahora entenderéis a qué me refiero.
    Venga, empecemos.
  12. Ayer dejamos todo preparado
    para este tipo de iluminación.
  13. para poder ir al grano,
  14. así que este vídeo
    no contará con esa parte,
  15. walk you through exactly what we're using
    to light this beautiful scene
  16. that you're seeing right now.
  17. The coolest thing about this setup is that
    most of what we're using as light sources,
  18. you probably already have at home.
  19. So our first light, our key light--
  20. Thanks Luna.
  21. As I was saying, our first light,
    our key light,
  22. is actually the beautiful window that
    I am facing right now.
  23. So it's a little bit sunnier in here today
  24. than it was yesterday when we originally
    set it up. It was way more overcast
  25. yesterday and that was giving us a beautiful diffused, soft light on my face and that's typically what I love about natural light is it is really flattering, especially when it is an overcast day because it's already adding that natural diffusion.
  26. But today, because it's much more harsh, and usually it is in this room in the morning; it's very very sunny so we've added a diffusion panel.
  27. If you don't have something like this at home, you can repurpose a sheer curtain, you can use a sheet off of your bed.
  28. Anything white and sheer that's a little bit opaque that'll allow you to just nicely diffuse that light source on your face.
  29. So, you don't necessarily need to go to Amazon and buy your own diffusion panel if you don't want to.
  30. Next, behind me we've got some
    practicals lit.
  31. We have our own lamp that--
  32. I love this lamp. It's from (Streptube?). I think it was only about $100 and what I love about it is you can position the head of it to kind of shine in any direction you want.
  33. So we have it tilted at just the right angle to give a little bit of a glow and reflection on the cabinets over here which I actually quite like 'cause it's a little bit golden
  34. and it's a little bit higher so that it's giving me sort of a low hair on this side light which I like because it adds a little bit of depth to the frame.
  35. Then we just lit a candle.
  36. All of those little light sources in the back just add some depth and some interest to your overall shot.
  37. My favorite thing about how all of the lights are set up in this office and actually how all of the lights were set up in our previous office space as well is that they're all voice-controlled using a smart speaker.
  38. In this office, we have the echo dot setup. So, when we're lighting everything, I can just yell at [meow] to do whatever I want: to turn on lights, to change the color of them.
  39. So, allow me to demonstrate.
  40. [Meow] please change the light to blue.
    Echo: Okay
  41. I didn't even say lamp, I said light. She's so smart.
  42. So in the old office space, if you guys remember my setup, I had multiple pendant lights hanging in the background and I didn't always want to run around and turn on each of them at once so I had those set up with a smart switch.
  43. And, with this lamp, I actually have a smart bulb. So that bulb connects directly to my smart speaker and it's really easy to pair.
  44. It honestly just saves me so much time from walking over, manually changing the color.
  45. You can do it on your phone too but it's always just easier to just yell out a command and have it happen.