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  1. Hello and welcome back to my channel!
  2. I'm very excited about today's video.
  3. It's a topic that I have wanted to do
  4. for a very long time. We're
  5. talking about lighting
  6. I'm going to give you ideas for
    different lighting setups.
  7. We're in a pretty small space
    right now So, keep that in mind.
  8. You are not limited by the size of room
    that you're in.
  9. But first, before, we get into the meat
    of this video
  10. I would like to take a moment to thank
    today's sponsor [meow] smart home.
  11. So, we'll be using their devices to help
  12. us make these lighting setups
  13. more convenient and intuitive.
  14. You'll see what I mean in just a second
    so let's get into it.
  15. We set everything up for this particular
    lighting setup yesterday
  16. because we just wanted to get ahead
  17. so, unfortunately there is no BTS of how
    we set this up but I am going to
  18. walk you through exactly what we're using
    to light this beautiful scene
  19. that you're seeing right now.
  20. The coolest thing about this setup is that
    most of what we're using as light sources,
  21. you probably already have at home.
  22. So our first light, our key light--
  23. Thanks Luna.
  24. As I was saying, our first light,
    our key light,
  25. is actually the beautiful window that
    I am facing right now.
  26. So it's a little bit sunnier in here today
    than it was yesterday
  27. when we originally set it up
    It was way more overcast yesterday
  28. and that was giving us beautiful diffused
    soft light on my face and that's
  29. typically what I love
    about natural light
  30. is it is really flattering
    especially when it is an
  31. overcast day
  32. cause it's already adding
  33. that natural diffusion.
  34. But today, because it's much more harsh,
    and usually it is
  35. in this room in the morning;
  36. it's very very sunny so we've
  37. added a diffusion panel
  38. If you don't have something
    like this at home, you can repurpose
  39. a sheer curtain, you can use
    a sheet off of your bed.
  40. Anything white and sheer
    that's a little bit opaque
  41. that'll allow you to just nicely diffuse
    that light source on your face.
  42. So, you don't necessarily need
    to go to Amazon and buy
  43. your own diffusion panel
    if you don't want to.
  44. Next, behind me we've got some
    practicals lit.
  45. We have our own lamp that--
  46. I love this lamp. It's from (Streptube?).
    I think it was only about $100
  47. and what I love about it is you can
    position the head of it
  48. to kind of shine in any
    direction you want.
  49. So we have it tilted at just
    the right angle to give a little bit
  50. of a glow and reflection on the
    cabinets over here which
  51. actually quite like 'cause it's
    a little bit golden
  52. and it's a little bit higher so that
    it's giving me sort of a low hair light
  53. on this side light which I like
    because it adds a little bit of depth
  54. to the frame.
    Then we just lit a candle.
  55. All of those little light sources
    in the back just add some depth
  56. and some interest to your overall shot.
  57. My favorite thing about how all
    of the lights are set up in this office
  58. and actually how all of
    the lights were set up
  59. in our previous office space as well
    is that they're all voice-controlled
  60. using a smart speaker.
  61. In this office, we have the
    echo dot setup. So, when we're
  62. lighting everything, I can just yell
    at [meow] to do
  63. whatever I want: to turn on lights,
    to change the color of them.
  64. So, allow me to demonstrate.
  65. [Meow] please change the light to blue.
    Echo: Okay
  66. I didn't even say lamp, I said light.
    She's so smart.
  67. So in the old office space, if you guys
    remember my setup, I had
  68. multiple pendant lights hanging
    in the background and
  69. I didn't always want to run around
  70. turn on each of them at once.
  71. so I had those set up with a smart switch.
  72. And, with this lamp, I actually have
    a smart bulb. So that bulb connects
  73. directly to my smart speaker
    and it's really easy to pair.
  74. It honestly just saves me so much time
    from walking over,
  75. manually changing the color.
  76. You can do it on your phone too
    but it's always just easier to just
  77. yell out a command and have it happen.
  78. so lets show you
    a couple more lighting setup and
  79. they'll increase with complexity
    as we go
  80. I could have sworn I heard footsteps
    coming from the second floor.
  81. they got louder and louder and I knew they
    were something that was out of this world
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  88. and I want to apologize
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  94. hey turn on the ring light.
    - ok
  95. oh yeah.so as you can see this is
    a very versatile setup
  96. yet very very simple.
  97. all we have behind us is an RGB ring light
    that we got off Amazone.
  98. then we hooked it up to a smart plug
    so now I can tell to turn it on and off
  99. and do whatever I'd like;
  100. however, this isn't
    a lifx bulb so I do have to...
  101. the control please. I do have to change
    the colors with this handy dandy remote.
  102. but I can do that all by sitting here.
  103. it's so easy. I set this up completely
    on my own. well shone helped a little bit
  104. thanks shone. just cause I am weak
    like a pelican. as our key light we have
  105. the aperture 120 d2 with
    the mini light dome on it.
  106. and that's all we need
    in a small space like this.
  107. we're just doing some really simple..
    that was my shoulder what the hell.
  108. we're just doing
    some really simple split lighting.
  109. you could go ahead and add
    a hair light to this. you could add a fill
  110. you can really dress it up, but again we
    are still doing this simple
  111. lighting setup right now.so I want
    to keep it nice and simple for you guys
  112. as you saw with my very fun characters
    and acting demonstrations I just did.
  113. this lighting setup can literally be
    anything you want it to be.
  114. it can really set the mood for
    whatever you're shooting,
  115. so whether you're shooting something
    for the bachelor, or you're having
  116. a very sad moment, or I don't knew,
    maybe want to have a dance party.
  117. you can really set the mood
    for your interview setup. I would say
  118. this is a very good, like
    one-on-one moment if you want to do like a
  119. cameo for a Reality show
  120. even just a really simple like interview
  121. yes we are using the one 20d2 as our
    key light which is a little
  122. on the privier side,
  123. but you can buy other constant
    video lights on amazon that are at a lower
  124. price point for you so
  125. all together this setup could run you
    for maybe a couple hundred bucks max.
  126. welcome to the second most complex
    lighting setup we are going
  127. to be featuring in today's video. so we've
    got our key light again
  128. it's the apeture 120d2 I've got
    a bounce here just to fill the left side
  129. of my face just a touch. and we have..
    look at this little crown light going on
  130. behind me. these are called nano leaf.
    nano leaf lights, and you can attach them
  131. and build like all kind of different
    designs with them. they'll actually have
  132. different like lighting modes to
    different songs if you like
  133. that kind of thing, but for the purpose
    of this video we're just using it has
  134. little accent light in the background
  135. and actually little pieces of it fade
    on and off
  136. which is a very cool, practical to have on
  137. in the back. and on the bottom
    of the shelf right here, we have
  138. a nan tube light; you could also use
    strip lights that you can find on Amazon.
  139. but we have this and I didn't feel like
    sticking anything to my disk area yet.
  140. so just to give you a sense of what
    a little bit of either surface lighting
  141. or under shelf lighting can do to just
    level up that shot, also I've small pair
  142. of peeking, can you show her. can you stop
    distracting me miss; over here we have
  143. a little Himalayan salt lamp.
    that's just another practical that I had
  144. around the house that I like to add
    into my shots cause it's a nice orangey,
  145. warm light. this guy over here is actually
    a lifx bulb it's the same lifx bulb
  146. that we had in the lamp in our previous
    lighting setup, and the cool thing about
  147. them is that you can change the color
    of them, they connect straight to the[maw]
  148. and you can turn it on and off that way,
    change the color with voice control
  149. all of that cool stuff. these are actually
    the bulbs that I used in the that
  150. previous backdrop. they just Edison
    style bulbs. they do look really cool
  151. and vintage, and give of a nice warm light
    however, you can't change the color
  152. of these necessarily, and that's what
    I love about the lifx light
  153. if I just wanted to go ahead and add
    a lampshade, then
  154. the whole look of the bulb itself when
    bother me so much in this type of shot
  155. then I could change it to
    whatever color I want. so
  156. for example:
    hey change the pendant to blue.
  157. that's one easy way just by changing
    the color that you can change up the whole
  158. lighting setup or mood or vibe of your
  159. the other thing you can do
  160. with all of these different smart bulbs
    and smart plugs is you can add them
  161. to a group in the app. you can give it
    a name, and then you can turn them
  162. on and off with the simple voice command.
    Hey turn off the studio.
  163. ok
  164. and obviously our key light which is
    the aputure 120d stayed on because you
  165. can't use that with a smart plug, but
    that's ok. it comes with its own remote.
  166. And last but not least, one of my favorite
    features is that you can set this group
  167. to a timer so if I want to come into
    my office and have everything be on at 9am
  168. I can set everything to turn on at 9am
    and off again at 5pm. so just another way
  169. that all of these smart accessories are
    making my life that much easier and can
  170. help you create a beautiful, cool lighting
    setup. This isn't 100% my taste,
  171. but it just give you a sample of all
    the different cool things that you could
  172. add to your beautiful home office
    background ​the thing.
  173. and lets move on to the final
    lighting setup.
  174. this is our final and most complex and
    also expensive lighting setup.
  175. we have two aputure 120d. behind me
    we have a godox light panel as our key.
  176. and we have a fill on this side. now this
    took a lot of finagling. you might think
  177. oh you just stick up both lights, stick up
    your key light , it's super easy.NO
  178. you have to play a lot with the depth,
    how close these backlight are to you,
  179. how bright they are,
  180. your over all exposure in camera,
    there is a lot of tweaks that have
  181. to be made for this setup to be perfect.
  182. this lighting setup would be perfect for
    any kind of interview especially
  183. documentary interview maybe if you wanted
    to do like a behind-the-scenes interview
  184. with an actor from a show or something
    like that. I love it it's very dramatic ah
  185. I stole this lighting setup from
    becky and chrisand they used it in a very
  186. serious and dramatic video.
  187. you'll notice in becky and
    chris's video that
  188. the background is even darker in thiers.
  189. because I believe they were shooting in an
    even bigger room, and so there will be
  190. even more fall off behind these two
    apertures lights behind me, and that
  191. will give the impression of an even
    darker background,but
  192. we're shooting in a fairly small space
  193. as you can see from this angel,
  194. and the wall behind me is white
  195. so it's naturally going to look
    a little bit brighter.
  196. this one was a really fun setup.
    I'm very happy with it.
  197. thank you guys so much for watching this
  198. we had a lot of fun creating these
    different lighting setups
  199. and using he Amazone Echo Dot,
    the smart plug, the lifx bulbs,
  200. all the fun little lights
  201. we had going on, and I actually have some
    smart switches here in the office for our
  202. just house lights that I can't wait
    to actually hook up to it as well
  203. and get this whole office perfectly
    synced up with my smart speakers
  204. so I never have to move. I just can turn
    everything on with my voice and we are
  205. in the middle of our office renovation so
    I've definitely got a few new ideas for
  206. our lighting set up going forward.
  207. so if you like this video pleas give it
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  209. and make sure to hit the bell. so you're
    notified for all future videos and I'm
  210. I'm just going to look at myself in the
    viewfinder now because this lighting
  211. is really cool. you also enjoy my
    very tiny purse
  212. these are my most dramatic sunglasses.
  213. I took three acting classes.
    I'm sure you can tell.